5 Healthy High-Protein Foods to Add to Your Plate

If you want to develop glowing skin, banish belly fat, or strengthen your muscles, you must ensure every meal features a protein source. In addition to improving your muscles and skin, it will ensure you are bursting with energy, and it can help you prevent or fight various conditions, such as high blood pressure.

However, not all sources are created equal. Look and feel great throughout the decades by adding these five healthy proteins to your plate.

1. Fish

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Fish is full to the brim with protein. For example, canned tuna contains 27 grams of protein and 128 calories. You can add it to hot and cold dishes without worrying about piling on the pounds.

Salmon is another versatile protein source you shouldn’t overlook. A 3-oz fillet contains 19 grams and 175 calories. It is a flexible protein, as it tastes great with veg, potatoes, pasta, or on a taco. Of course, it must be cooked to perfection to bring out its flavor and ensure it is safe to eat. Always check the internal temp of salmon is 131 °F in the thickest area.

2. Chicken

Skip the steak and add some delicious chicken to your plate. That’s because white poultry meat is an excellent protein source, and it is lower in calories compared to dark meat. However, you must remove the skin before cooking, as it will contain saturated fat that can add inches to your waistline over time. A roasted chicken breast (skin removed) contains 53 grams, and it will add 284 calories to your plate.

3. Eggs

Eggs aren’t only bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats, but they are one of the best protein sources you can add to a dish. Egg whites are pure protein, and a whole egg will contain 6 grams of it. Plus, it is a low-calorie option, as one whole egg is only 78 calories. The flexible ingredient can take every dish to the next level, as you could enjoy it with toast, pair it with salmon, or you could even slide a fried egg onto a pizza.

4. Oats

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If you are looking for a healthy protein hit in the morning, treat yourself to some oats. One cup of the healthy grain will provide your body with 11 grams of protein, and it is loaded with healthy fiber, vitamin B1, magnesium, and many more nutrients.

Oats will offer a great start to your day, and you will only consume 307 calories. There are many healthy oat recipes to choose from, as you could try overnight oats, oat pancakes, or muesli, to name only a few options.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another fantastic breakfast option that’s packed with protein. A 6-ounce container will feature 17 grams of protein and 100 calories. However, protect your waistline and teeth by picking up Greek yogurt without added sugar and avoid full-fat options. It can taste great with fruit, oats, or combined with honey and walnuts. Delicious!

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