Fashion Photography – Types & Guide For Beginners

Fashion photography is as diverse as fashion trends themselves. You’ll find a picture of a model wearing a casual hoodie on the road, and it will be as glamorous as Selena Gomez on the Vogue cover. Of course, those two make a different genre of photography. You will need a suitable camera and environment to capture both of those pictures.

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The only constant thing is the creativity used by a photographer. To help beginners, Shotkit has given you a complete guide to exploring everything about fashion photography. So, how about trying your hand at different types of photography?

5 Types of Fashion Photography

1. High Fashion

Ever saw a picture of a model wearing a Gucci jacket carrying a Gucci handbag? That’s high fashion. Usually, this type of photography appears in magazines like Vogue, which is read by a wealthy audience.

It’s big production photography of top brands where supermodels or actors are posing in front of you. As a photographer, you highlight the vision of the brand.

High fashion in the wealthy magazine often prints as full-page or double-page pictures. Hence, a full-frame camera would be the best choice for you.

2. Street Fashion

This is precisely the opposite of high fashion. It’s also known as alternative fashion or urban fashion that focuses on what people wear every day. The audience for this photography could be teenagers or someone who prefers casual fashion.

This photography captures a trend of new hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, or anything stylish yet comfortable. Being an alternative fashion, street photography uses alternative online sources to showcase, such as social media.

If this genre is catching your interest, focus on candid pictures of real people on the street. Try a mirrorless camera with an aperture of f/8.

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3. Editorial Fashion

Editorial fashion photography is more of a narrative type. Telling a story via pictures, with the help of surroundings and picture editing.

Brands prefer editorial pictures to portray their story or a unique theme that has a glamorous touch. The fashion or clothes showcased in these pictures is not something you would wear every day, but you might like to have it in your wardrobe.

It would be best to use your creativity to focus on different story scenarios highlighting clothing brands, makeup, or jewelry. Switch between close-up shots and wide-angle shots for makeup, jewelry, and the entire wardrobe.

4. Catalog fashion

You need to keep your camera more focused on fashion and not on the surroundings. Hence, catalog photography often takes place in a studio with no distractions around the model.

It’s commercial product photography, so you need to adjust the lens and lighting to highlight the fashion itself.

Clothing brands prefer putting on low makeup to shift the whole focus on the clothes. A simple white background would work best. Don’t use wide-angle lenses here. Grab something between 50mm to 70mm. It’ll capture amazing catalog pictures.

5. Runway Fashion

Runway fashion is a dynamic photography field. You need to click pictures from wherever you are in the fashion show event, under low-lights, walking models.

Keeping the camera steady is the key here. You need to click a picture at the right moment, with the right pace, under an uncontrolled environment.

Hence, a zoom lens, a handy tripod would be the best choice to capture candid runway pictures.

Found your favorite fashion photography? Now get your camera and click something new today.

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