How to Look Fantastic in Your Photos

As a kid, before the shutter clicks, you were almost always told to “Smile!” right? Because as a kid, you can never go wrong with a smile.

But with plenty of photography in there and the blow of Instagram, photos aren’t as “smiley” as they used to be. In fact, one can look anything but happy in a photo and still have a stunning shot worthy of a magazine front cover. How to achieve this? Read along.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pixabay

1. Self-Practice

Practice makes perfect and this adage applies both to your photography and posing skills. To slay, knowing your best angles and mastering the basics of photography is the way to go.

You can never go wrong with having a couple of on-the-go poses that are tried and tested in front of the mirror. Note that, when talking about angles and poses, this doesn’t only mean that your face will do all the hard work. Consider also your posture and body line.

Revisit your old photos and sort out what you like and dislike. Take note of what went wrong but even more important is keeping in mind the details that made you like your self-portrait.

Photo by Jonatas Domingos on Unsplash

2. Wardrobe

“Will this piece of clothing flatter me in each and every angle, at all times, even without me trying hard?”

Stand in front of a full-body mirror, try out the clothing and proceed to ask yourself that question. If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, you’re good to go.

Making sure that all your fashion pieces flatter your body shape and skin tone is important. Whether it’s a dress with a neckline that beautifully accentuates your neck or leggings that lift your bum, only construct your wardrobe in such a way that you’ll be confident and ready with whatever combinations you throw on. A reminder as well to really invest as much as possible only in pieces that fit your timeless personal aesthetic. Trends are nice, but remember, they come and go.

3. Hair and Make-Up

For all those who just want a shot or two of themselves in their most beautiful, natural state – don’t worry. Mention of “hair and make-up” doesn’t necessarily entail going to the salon, unless of course, you’ll be doing a photoshoot for commercial purposes, then it’s always nice to seek the help of styling professionals.

Hair and make-up need to fit not only the concept you’re going for. Even more importantly, it needs to enhance the beauty that is already within you. The same holds for men, no doubt. Don’t thoughtlessly go all out on hair gels and foundations and instead, know what styling fits your natural look seamlessly, all the while considering the lighting, outfit, and background that will go with it.

Photo by Saurabh Shetty from Pexels

4. Location and Lighting

Choice of location for your photos also depends on your personal taste. And for the lighting? Always go natural.

Before doing your make-up, consider first the location and lighting conditions of the place you want as a background. The sunny outdoors is always the best place to take photos of yourself even if you’re alone. Indoor location? Choose a spot where the sunshine passes through or even a well-lit room will do.

Those who aren’t a fan of editing or overlaying with filters can still effortlessly come up with great photos as long as the lighting is good and the location is picturesque as it is.

You practiced poses, wore your flattering OOTD, did your hair and make-up, and made sure you’re not standing against the light. What more can you ask for a fantastic photo of you?

A smile, of course. A genuine, starry-eyed, sparkling one.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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