How to Dress to Accentuate Your Body Curves

Having glamorous body curves is a gift for some women; and a far dream for many others. While you can always work out or visit a plastic surgery clinic to add curves to your body, there are ways to do so just by dressing the right way. Just by applying some of these “tricks”, you can make your body appear to be more voluminous without having to spend hours on the gym or bucks on a plastic surgeon. They’re easy, hassle-free, and won’t empty your wallet. To see how, check the methods below.

Amplify your bust line

A trick to a more curvaceous body line is a more prominent bust line. To do so, there are several ways you can try.

a. Use proper underwear
Bras with pads in the cups and solid underwire is a must. Not only they provide needed support for your breasts, they can also add you volume. Measure your bras properly before purchasing them to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

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b. Put on jewelries
A striking necklace, an embellished neckline, or a statement necklace can do the trick. They can divert people’s attention from your less-curvy lower body part and create the illusion of fullness.

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c. Show some skin
While this may not work for some people, plunging neckline is a huge help if you want to appear busty. Visit a tailor if you’d like to avoid any unintentional exposure, or wear a camisole under your top.

d. Choose clothes with decorated bust area
Another alternative is to use clothes with ruffles, fringes, or other embellishments around the bust area. Just like the jewelries, such clothes can create volume. However, be careful so that you don’t overdo it and ended up looking unnatural.

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Widen your hip

Just like the bust area, there are ways you can create the look of a wider hip line.

a. Choose the right skirt
Choosing the right skirt is vital. For example, go for an A-line skirt or full skirt. The retro skirt can add volume to the hips and make you look fashionable. Also, you can put on pencil skirt with body-con fabric. However, be careful so that your pencil skirt sit on your natural waist, for a more appealing look.

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b. Wear a belt
Wide belt can minimize your waist and make your hip appear larger. However, if you’re on the thin side, opt for a slim belt instead.

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c. Go high-waist
High-waisted pants or skirts can effectively make your waist appear smaller and your legs longer. Thus, you can look tall and curvy at the same time.

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Emphasize your backside

Making your backside appear more filled is also a good way to appear more curvaceous, especially when seen from the side. To do so, you can buy padded panties, go for jeans with large pockets, or find pants that fit snugly. Our personal favorite so far is the padded panties; they go extremely well with tight-fitting dresses!

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Perfect your overall proportion

To do so, there are at least four ways.

a. Don’t layer
Layered outfits make you look boxy and less feminine. Instead, go for belted coats, and just wear what’s needed to stay warm.

b. Choose the right dress
Certain patterns such as colorful print or vertical stripes are preferred. If you’re still unsure of what to buy, you can search up “illusion dresses” online; there are ample of examples of dresses that can instantly boost your body curves. Also, purchase a wrap dress made with quality material for a flattering look.

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c. Heels up
For a leaner appearance, put on a pair of heels. Beige-colored heels are especially better, since they make your legs appear much longer.

d. Consult a tailor
This might be the best tip so far. Tailors can help you find a fitting outfit that complements your body type and make you appear more curvy. They’re also experienced when it comes to choosing garments, so make sure you consult with them.

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