DIY – Dream Catcher Delight

As you slowly drift into the surreal charm of dreamland, don’t let those precious moments escape! Catch them and make them stay with these adorable dream-catchers that you can easily make yourself. With just a few easily available scraps and beads, and this DIY tutorial, you’ll be well on way to make one right away!

You will need:
– lace cloth and lace bits;
– beads in a variety of shapes and colours;
– needle and thread;
– feather trims;
– a medium sized circular frame;
– a pencil.

Let’s get working:
1. Outline the frame on the lace cloth by placing it on the cloth and defining it with a pencil from the inner rim.
2. Cut out this circular piece of lace cloth.
3. Using a needle and thread, darn through the lace cloth and attach it to the frame.
4. String through different coloured beads and attach the feathers to the ends of these strings.
5. Prepare 3-4 of such multi-beaded strings and attach them to frame.
6. On the opposite end of the frame, loop through one large bead and to make a knot for hanging it.

That’s it! Go on and have a good night’s sleep while your delightful little dream catcher works its magic!

DIY – Dream Catcher Delight

Image: MK by Renard.

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  1. How do you attach the feathers to the string? I’m wanting to make one and just trying to figure it out before getting started. thanks!

    1. Apply some glue on the hollow shaft and roll the end of the string around it. You can also tie the feather but make sure to cover the knot with the bead.

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