Tips on How to Decorate Students’ Apartment on a Budget

Student apartment decor can be quite an expensive ordeal if you don’t know how to cut down costs and create a stunning room without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind that your place should serve for both studying and relaxing. This means you have to make the most of your space to ensure you can sleep well, relax, read, meditate, write the essays, prepare/eat your snacks.

Once you have packed and moved into your dorm room, you would want to unpack those boxes first and put things where they belong. Once the basics are done, you would only move on to doing the fun part: decorating your bedroom to make it your own. It becomes pretty challenging to invest in floor rugs, tabletops, and curios with a limited student budget.

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Therefore, you should look for other cheap ways to decorate bedroom. For your convenience, we have jotted down some fantastic student bedroom ideas that will instantly brighten your space without investing a fortune in them.

Let’s get started:

1. Multipurpose furniture is very useful

Multipurpose furniture is one of the best college apartment ideas to have when working on a low budget. Be it your sofa cum bed or a stool with a hidden drawer that can store unwanted things. It is essential to invest in multipurpose furniture to save a lot of space and your hard-earned money. You don’t have to buy a separate bed and a sofa. You can easily combine the two so that you can get the best deal.

Similarly, an iron table can be fixed inside a wall instead of taking a whole lot of space in the bedroom. It can be converted into a tabletop when the need arises. Multipurpose furniture saves you money and saves a lot of the extra space you can use; otherwise, use it more sensibly.

One of the best student room ideas is to create zones in your bedroom. Keep a bookshelf next to your bed, and it will automatically become your bedroom area. Set up a desk in the living room to separate it from the place where you sleep. Small changes can make much difference. Just changing the hardware of your furniture and switching the knobs can spice things up and turn a dull-looking dorm room into a creative hub!

2. Get some cushions

If you are looking at how to decorate your college apartment, then use some cushions to make things look bright. Quirky cushions spice things up. Get some cushions with interesting quotes written on them to make your room glitzy. Adding a colourful rug that matches with the cushions takes your décor to another level.

If you think there is no place for you to have cushions, like there is no sofa in the room where you can showcase your brightly coloured cushions, then you can add large-sized floor cushions to your room’s décor. College student bedroom ideas also involve adding colourful cushions to your bed.

3. Use Washi Tape

One of the best college student room ideas is to use washi tapes in the decor. You can use washi tape to decorate the accessories or add new features to your home. Because of its flexibility and trendy designs, Japanese washi tapes are used for different items in your room to brighten them up. For instance, a bright-coloured washi tape can be used to line up the inside of a lampshade. You can even decorate your walls with washi tape.

One of the best college apartment ideas is to colour your windows with washi tape for an exciting look. You can also make tiny flags from washi tape and place them on cakes for a cute décor when organizing a birthday event. Washi tape can also be used to wrap up your notebook or jazz your drawers that wear a deserted look otherwise.

4. Illuminate Your Space

Adding a string of fairy lights over your headboard or placing lamps above your bed can instantly illuminate your room. You can also use pendant lights, show lights, or lanterns with patterns to illuminate your dorm space. Different coloured lights also look lovely when you are looking for ways on how to decorate college apartment. For example, create a fake fireplace by placing candles instead of cracking wood in the small fireplace. You can also light up a plain corner to make it more interesting.

Your writing table shouldn’t only be decorated on Christmas; you can use fairy lights all year round to create your tinkle town. Illuminate your cupboard if you don’t have much space, or add show lights inside the cupboard to give it a luxurious effect so that when you open up the wardrobe, it looks stunning. You can also cascade lights from the ceiling for a full dreamy effect.

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5. Add small decorations

Let’s share a few small hacks to give your room a fresh uplift:

⦁ Using small décor items like wall hangings, curios, wall art, wallpaper, rugs, or simply changing the headboard of your bed or switching the knobs of your drawers and cabinets can make your room come to life and is one of the creative student apartment décor ideas.

⦁ You can even poke some holes in your lampshades, and as the light passes through the holes, it creates an instant glow. Through holes in the lamps, a specific pattern is also projected across the bedroom’s walls.

⦁ Finally, create a board having the deadlines marked on them. This will not only be a gentle reminder for you, but it will create an exciting piece of décor for your bedroom.

Be creative about how you can turn junk items into valuables. This is one of those ideas on how to decorate your room on a budget. For instance, a useless ladder can be turned into a stunning bookshelf or a rack to place your curios. It can be illuminated with a string of fairy lights on special occasions to make it more creative and exciting.

Moreover, you can organize your messy drawers by compartmentalizing the drawer. Use cardboard as a separator. Keep socks and small garments organized in this way. You can also keep clothes like this more organized and less messy. Simple things will not only add up to the overall room’s décor, but it will help you remain organized and decluttered.

We hope these decor ideas will help you get the best results. It is essential to make your room bright and creative to study better and aim for good grades by decorating your room. It also helps make you take ownership of your room and things.

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