Make The Most Of Your Small Space with These Home Decor Tips

A lot of people found themselves having to downsize after the pandemic. More people are working from home and are looking for ways to find a means to separate work from reprieve under the same roof. This can be tough when living in a small space, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Here are a few home decor tips for making the most out of your small space.

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1. Limit Your Wall Decor

Having a small house or apartment means you don’t want to clutter your space with too many intricate things on the wall. It’s important to limit your wall decor and to use something simple, yet elegant to act as an accent piece.

A flower decor piece can add a splash of charm and is incredibly timeless for any home office. It keeps your space personalized and is the perfect hint of soft color without making the space feel too overwhelming. We love the Timeless Beauty Flower Wall Decor from Lily & Spruce Co.

2. Utilize Natural Lighting

Whenever possible, try to make the most of your available natural lighting. The more light that enters a room, the larger the space will feel.

If you don’t have too much natural light within a specific room or throughout the entire house, install light fixtures that are either on the ceiling or the wall. That way, you can limit how much furniture is taking up space, as with extra standing lamps.

3. Get Creative With Storage

I love going to IKEA and checking out their model apartments to see how they get crafty with their storage space. And when you have limited square footage, you will need to get creative in terms of storage.

You can maximize the space in your garage, for instance, by creating a proper workstation that can also act as extra storage for your holiday decorations or all of your camping gear. It’s about making every nook and cranny as efficient as possible.

4. Use Barn Doors

Some floorplans occasionally have two larger rooms that are combined into one, or you may have a studio apartment. A great way to develop a sense of privacy and making the space feel bigger is by creating separate rooms. You can easily do this with a barn door installation.

These sliding doors have a classy, farmhouse aesthetic that is becoming much more popular in modern homes and apartments. It will give the sense that there is more square footage than there actually is.

5. Choose The Correct Rug Size

While it is good designer etiquette to limit the amount of furniture you have on the floor, you don’t want to skip out on having a rug. The trick is, the larger the rug, the bigger the room feels. The smaller the rug, the smaller the room feels.

Plus, if you have a larger rug, you can utilize it as what they call an anchor piece. This is something you use to design the rest of the room around so there’s a method to the home decor madness.

6. Play Around With Different Sizes

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have big statement pieces within the room. A great home decor tip for any small area is to play around with the different sizes of furniture, lighting, or wall decor.

For instance, if you have a love seat in your living room, you can add an oversized chandelier to the ceiling to play off of the smaller seating arrangement. It not only is eye-catching but adds an element of intrigue when someone walks into the room.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Final Tips

The most important thing to remember when interior decorating small spaces is to be intentional with every element within the room. From the furniture and wall decor to your ceiling fixtures and rugs, try to find a flow within your design that is captivating rather than overwhelming.

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