Cute Santa Claus Decorations – DIY

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Here you have a great excuse to eat ice cream: make cute Christmas gifts or decorations reusing the ice cream boxes. Your home will be totally in the Christams spirit with these lovely ornaments and the kids will be so happy to have Santa close to them with a box full of sweets.

You will need:
– ice cream box;
– Santa hat;
– white, cream, blue and black felt (or cardboard);
– hot glue gun;
– scissors;
– ruler;
– face powder;

Directions: First, glue the hat on the lid of the box. Then, use scissors to cut a white felt rectangle to cover the box faces. Cut also a piece of cream felt to create Santa’s face. See the images and the video below for guideline. When you’re done, glue the cream shape on the white felt attached with glue to the box. Make the eye balls from smaller pieces of white felt. Then cut some smaller pieces of black felt to make the pupils. For eyes shine add some very small pieces of white felt. Don’t forget about nose, eyebrows and mustache. For these, try to draw some shapes according to the ones from the image, then to cut out the forms and to glue them on the Santa’s face. Use some face powder to emphasize cheeks and nose. And Voila! The children will adore it, especially with some sweets inside!

Ice-cream-box-Santa-Clause (3)

Photo courtesy: professorageorgia.

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