The Most Important Clothing Items Every College Freshman Should Own

When you’re just about to enter the college campus as a freshman, the feelings of overwhelm will rush into you. This is a big challenge and probably one of the most influential experiences in your life. For that occasion, you need to be prepared.

It isn’t all about the books. If you want to start your college years with a bang, you need to wear an awesome outfit, too. Knowing this, we’ve assembled a list of college outfits you and every freshman should have in his closet.

1. Pajamas

At home, we hardly ever think about the look of our pajamas. Very often, I wear mixed pajamas from two different pairs. When I notice a small hole in my pajamas or a stain I did when I was snacking, I don’t immediately throw them out and go to buy new ones.

This is something you should change when it college. In college, people might knock on your door to invite you to parties, call you to help them, or a fire alarm will simply go off. The last thing happened to me so often, I learned that cute pajamas are a definite must when you have to exist the building right away.

So, forget about sleeping in the shirt you have since the sixth grade just because you really like it. You cannot sleep in your undies. Get some comfortable, but nice pajamas before you get there.

2. Sweatpants

When those terrifying exam sessions come, you will basically live in sweatpants. No one will give you a hard time about it because at college, everyone will be facing the same issues. Your first exam session will be more stressful than any other. In my case, I only got help when I asked professional service that writes college papers for money. The rest I did lying around with my sweatpants and the books, barely finding the time to take a shower.

College dressing isn’t all about dressing up. This is going to be rewarding, but it is also quite challenging. So, make your comfort your priority. To make all those hours over the books as comfortable as they can be, get some sweatpants when you go to college.

3. Going Out Set

Sets are the trend today and since you’ll be a freshman, you should definitely get one going-out set. The great thing about sets is that they are cheaper than buying two separate items, and you can mix them with other things in your closet.

4. The Plains

Plains are all the clothes you have in your closet that can be mixed with other clothes. If you’re on a budget, stay away from all those colorful designs that can hardly be mixed and matched with the rest of your clothes. Always have the plains – one colored t-shirts, shoes, jackets, as well as a couple of jeans.

5. Workout Clothes

Workout is really important for your health, especially when you’re dealing with stress and many obligations. It can be hard to find the time for it, but you should definitely try to do it. Whenever you decide to add some exercise in your routine, you should have the appropriate clothes for it. Get some sweatpants, leggings, and make use of those old shirts you have lying around.

6. A Nice Dress

In college, you’ll wear casual clothes most of the time. You can’t go overboard when you attend classes and you won’t always have time for parties. If you gather at someone’s room to hang out with friends, you probably won’t go all dressed up.

But, this doesn’t mean that your closet should only be sweatpants, leggings, and plain clothes. Take a nice dress you’ll wear on those rush parties, maybe even to internship interviews.

7. Underwear

Of course you’ll be wearing underwear. It’s probably the first on your list. But, have you packed enough? When it comes to underwear and college, nothing is too much. During your time in college, you’ll find that you almost never have the time to do your laundry. You’ll have all-day study sessions, classes, parties, exercise, and what not. Therefore, get as much underwear as you can so that you don’t have to do your laundry at the middle of the night.

8. Backpack

You definitely need a backpack to carry all your things around. But, when freshmen buy their first backpack for college, they often pay more attention to design than they do to usability.

Get a backpack you like, but make sure that it is sufficient to carry the essentials – textbooks, notebooks, charges, laptop or tablet, etc. This kind of a backpack will go really handy when you’re going back home for just a day or two, or for those short road trips to your new friends parents’ house.

Final Thoughts

Remember that, when you’re considering what to wear to college, you must consider your budget, too. So, don’t go buying the expensive clothes for all those parties you’ll attend. You’ll be spilled on, puked on, and will probably end up having to buy new clothes much more often. Make sure you are dressed nice and pretty, but don’t go overboard with the prices.

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