Useful Tips for Cleaning up Your Outdoor Surfaces

Outdoor surfaces take a hard beating, which can cause a build-up of stains and grime and give them an unsightly look. Add to it the harsh outdoor weather elements can further take their toll on your outdoor surfaces. Damp and moist conditions due to rain and humidity can cause the growth of mold and mildew in those nooks and cracks of your bricks or concrete pavers.

With the right techniques and some careful attention, you can easily spruce up your outdoor surfaces and prepare them for patio season by giving them a fresh and sparkly look once again.

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1. Sweep the Area

To start off, sweep away the dirt and debris as much as possible using a stiff, sturdy broom. You may want to use a plastic scraper to work on particularly stubborn areas. While this will serve as a good starting point, you will likely need some deep cleaning to get maximum results.

2. Use a Homemade Solution

Guess what! You do not need any fancy commercial cleaners to bring your patio or other outdoor surfaces back to their glory. We recommend steering clear of bleach and detergents as they can be toxic to your surrounding plants or grass.

This simple yet effective natural cleaning solution can do the job just as well and in minimal time. Create a mixture of undiluted white vinegar and borax to apply on the surface. You can even use a sponge to apply the solution.

Vinegar is an effective natural way to rid of stains, grease, mold, and weeds due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. These inflammatory properties make it an effective home remedy for skin problems as well.

Give the solution time to show its magic by letting it sit on the surface for about an hour.

3. Scrub With a Stiff, Bristle Brush

Now that the solution has permeated the surface, grab a hard bristle brush and start scrubbing the surface to loosen up the dirt and stains. Scrub it in different motions until you achieve some progress. Pour a little more solution to keep the momentum going if it is starting to dry out.

4. Rinse the Area

Cleaning the outdoor surfaces is certainly a process. So having scrubbed off the surface and loosened up the dirt and debris, use a garden hose with a spray attachment and rinse off the entire surface. You may find this does the job and removes most of the dirt and grime it has collected over time. However, you may need a little more power to remove those stubborn spots and stains.

Pressure washing is an effective way to cut through and rinse away mold and stains from a wide range of surfaces. However, you must be careful to pressure-wash wooden surfaces as it could cause damage to the fibers in the wood and lead to an uneven surface.

Often, pressure washing is all that is needed to give your surfaces an overhaul. Combined with a powerful homemade solution consisting of vinegar and borax and hard scrubbing, it can restore your surface’s beauty quickly and efficiently if done right, allowing you to get back and enjoy outdoor living space.

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Cleaning your outdoor surfaces is crucial to maintain their appearance and keep them functional. Instead of using commercial products and giving them a blast of harsh chemicals, following these simple tips will have to tackle cleaning outdoor surfaces and bring your home’s exterior back to life.

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