Natural Home Remedies For Summer Skin Problems

A lot of people think summer is the best time of the year. In summer we relax, we enjoy the sun and we travel more. The nature is all green and everything seems to be alive. But summer is not just about nice and beautiful things, it has its negative sides, like sunburns, insect bites and all kinds of rashes. We thought to give you a help in treating the most common summer skin problems so you can enjoy your time outside even more! Down below, you will see the list and the remedies, so keep reading.

Most Common Summer Skin Problems:
1. Sun Allergy – a lot of sensitive people can have it and basically it is caused by an excess of histamines or a reaction to antihistamines. There are different types of sun allergies: solar urticaria, polymorphous light eruption, and light-sensitive eczema which are really uncomfortable.
2. Sunburns – are most common in people with fair skin. If you are one of them always use sunscreen to avoid as much as possible damaging your skin and also pay attention to what you buy because some sunscreens have toxic ingredients in them.
3. Insect Bites – when nature comes to life, the little living creatures come to live too: ants, spiders, bees, mosquitos, and so on. It is almost inevitable not to be beaten by them.
4. Rashes – caused by excessive sun exposure or poison ivy and are very itchy.
5. Summer Acne – excessive sweat, heat and humidity can irritate your pores big time especially if you wear makeup in summer.
6. Dry Skin – not drinking enough water in summer can be seen on skin. Skin loses moisture, it becomes rough and looks bad.
7. Razor Bumps – we have more skin exposed in summer, so we shave the areas with hair more often. Too much of shaving irritates the skin.

Natural Home Remedies For Summer Skin Problems – there are 5 amazing natural ingredients that can give you a perfect summer skin and can be used to treat all of the most common problems from the above list. They are:
1. Coconut oil – perfect for keeping your skin smooth and silky. Organic coconut oil contains an acid that is a strong antioxidant and extremely powerful in fighting inflammations and free radicals that are responsible for premature aging. It moisturizes skin, lubricates and protects it. That is why is also great to be used while shaving, just apply it on slightly wet skin, shave as usual and you will see your skin will be bump-less.
2. Witch Hazel – the perfect astringent in treating bites and stings, sun damaged skin and summer acne breakouts. It is a cream made of bark and leaves of a plant called H. virginiana that is known for its miraculous powers. It is used directly on the problem areas and in short time it heals and balances skin’s PH.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar – considered a universal natural remedy, takes the heat out almost instantly from every sunburn. Contains a powerful antibacterial agent called malic acid that helps in preventing summer breakouts. Just apply it on the damaged area and enjoy its healing effects.
4. French Clay – contains lots of healing minerals like: magnesium, potassium, titanium and sodium that detoxify skin. It is great to be applied on face and helps tightening pores and treating acne.
5. Rubbing Alcohol – dries poison ivy so it doesn’t spread and takes the sting out of sunburns. On dry skin is not recommended as it makes it worse.

Always keep these ingredients in your home and you will never have to worry again about the most common summer skin problems!

Natural Home Remedies For Summer Skin Problems

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