Choose Lipstick Based on Dress Color

Are you attending a special event in the close future and you don’t know what makeup to use and how to choose your lipstick according to your dress? Besides taking in consideration aspects like skin color and hair color, what dress you wear has an important role too. Looking good doesn’t mean only what type of dress you wear, the brand of it, the quality of it, but also means how you manage to play with colors on you and make a tasteful combination that shows a true ladies style. The color of the lipstick can for sure accentuate that piece of clothing you are wearing.


1. For dresses in purple shades use nude lipstick.
Purple is one of the colors that is actually quite hard to match with something else and red is the worst idea to use. Because of this, the perfect choice are nude lipsticks and if you want to go for something more delicious, use a lip gloss over.

2. For dresses in orange shades use peachy lipsticks.
Orange with orange actually goes great and the only thing you have to take in consideration is to choose a shade that is not so vibrant and especially shimmery. Avoid shades that have pink undertones because pink with orange looks strange. Reddish tones are perfect!

3. For dresses in yellow shades use red lipstick.
This one of those type of combinations used a lot by Hollywood celebrities. The things you have to take special care of and require a lot of attention in this type of combination are the accessories. Don’t use too much of them that take attention from the minimalist and chic look.

4. For dresses in blue shades use coral lipstick.
Blue shades need a certain softness to look feminine, so coral is perfect with them. The strong and masculine color can be combined with the beautiful feminine coral shades with all kind of peachy and reddish undertones. Blues can actually be combined with a lot of type of colors, it depends on how light or dark the actual shade it is. Even some brown lipsticks go great with certain blue shades.


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