CD’s Shining Effect on Your Clothes – DIY

Ever thought about using those CD’s shining effect on your clothes? It seems that someone already has done it, and the result is quite interesting actually.
You will need:
– a shirt/blouse, what ever you like, as long as it has a collar;
– old CD’s;
– scissors;
– glue;
– kitchen cloth;
– a pan;
– water.

Directions: Boil the water and put it in the pan. Put the CD’s in the water for a few minutes. After at least 5 minutes, take out the CD’s and dry them with the Kitchen Cloth. When done, cut the CD’s in half with the scissors and take aside the top and the bottom of the pieces that will result, and only use the shiny side from it. Cut this shiny side into small pieces, and start arranging them on the collar so you can decide what it should look like, and then glue this parts to the collar, and you are done! Have fun!

CD's Shining Effect on Your Clothes - DIY

Photo courtesy: followfashion.

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  1. Weird. I couldn’t get the cd to separate like that. I cut it in half, but all it is is a piece of plastic with thin silvery foil that crumbles off.

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