Bow Back T-shirt – DIY

bow back t-shirt

Be creative and turn your t-shirt into a beautiful fashion hit by making some bows on the back.

You will need:
– t-shirt;
– textile patterns;
– scissors;
– sewing machine;
– needle and thread.

Directions: Take the t-shirt and cut the back part of it, as you can see in the pictures. Then create the bows from the textile patterns. For the bow’s body cut a few 8cm wide pieces, then cut some smaller ones to wrapp each of the body bows with them. If you cut a double amount of pieces, and sew them with each other, the bows will look even better. Sew the bows to prepare them for the fun part. With a sewing machine, attach the bows, but cover the sides with the back part of the t-shirt. Enjoy!

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