How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents In Your Home

When most people think of injuries, they think of accidents outside the home, such as car crashes. But did you know that 45% of accidental injury deaths happen around the house?

Below is more information about how to avoid accidents in the home. If you’re injured on someone else’s property, you could have a personal injury lawsuit case, so talk to an experienced slip-and-fall attorney to see if you have a case.

Avoiding Accidents In The Home Overview

The best way to avoid injuries and accidents in the home is to take basic safety precautions. There are easy fixes that you can make in the house to minimize the risk of injury:

1. Clean Up Spills Right Away

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If you spill anything, such as grease, oil, or water, thoroughly clean it up as soon as you can. Remember that grease and oil can leave a residue even after you clean it. Use plenty of soap and hot water to make sure you get everything. You also can use cornstarch or baking soda to soak up anything left. Leave it dry, and then sweep it up.

2. Secure Carpets

Many people today like hardwood and tile floors and placing carpets on them. But if you don’t secure those beautiful carpets, it’s an accident waiting to happen! You can secure your rugs with nonskid pads or buy carpets that have slip-resistant backs. You also can utilize double-sided carpet tape to keep mats in place.

3. Be Careful With Hot Liquids

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If you have kids at home, be careful where you put that hot tea or coffee. Don’t place hot liquids on a table with a runner or a hanging table cloth; your child could pull on it and spill the hot drink. Generally, it’s wise never to leave hot beverages where a child can grab them.

4. Put Grab Bars In Your Shower

When you combine hot water and soap on the floor of a tub, it’s a slip and fall hazard. Anyone who isn’t steady on their feet, such as an older person, can get seriously hurt in the shower. Putting in grab bars can make all the difference if they slip.

5. Check The Hot Water Heater

Kids and the elderly are more likely to burn themselves with hot water. Check that the water heater isn’t set above 120 F to avoid accidental burns.

6. Keep Your Electronics Away From Water

This may seem obvious, but people are electrocuted every year because of an electronic placed near the bathtub. Never have electronics near water or in an area where they could fall in the water.

7. Check Garage And Basement

These areas often are full of storage, and there’s a risk of tripping and falling. Check that your garage and basement have paths for safe walking. And be sure boxes are carefully stacked, so nothing falls over.

8. Ensure Stair Safety

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Stairs can lead to severe injury and death for many reasons. To avoid falls, check that the handrail goes the entire length of the stairs. Also, check that your carpets are secure. And never place area rugs at the top or base of the steps.

If you paint your basement steps, it’s helpful to add a little sand to the paint, so there’s more traction. If you have outside steps that are not lit well, paint the step edges white so people can see them at night.

9. Put Away Cleaning Products

Every cleaning product needs to be in a place where children and pets cannot reach them. Put cleaners in a cabinet with childproof locks, or store them in a high cabinet in the kitchen.

Our homes are supposed to be where we can be safe and relax. So it’s essential to follow the above tips, so the chances of an accident at home are minimal.

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