Covid-free At Home Activities You Haven’t Thought Of

Being stuck indoors during the pandemic can be very taxing as there is only so much you can do. Sometimes staying at home for so long can keep people from thinking of ways to keep entertained. Some indoor activities you might not have thought of are: creating your own science experiment, art, drive-in movies, virtual museums, playing the listening game, and organizing your own dancing contest!

You can re-enact going outside to the movies, a museum or play all kinds of games with your friends while getting to know yourself and them better. Your imagination is the limit.

1. Run your own science experiment

You can pique your curiosity at home with your very own science experiments. These science experiments do not need to be complex. You can just use the materials you may already have at home. You can apply what you learn from the experiments to your daily life too!

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For example, one super simple science experiment you can try is the glitter germ experiment. You can do it with your kids to help them understand what happens when we wash our hands. All you need is a shallow dish filled with water. Next, you sprinkle glitter all over the water. Then you add dish soap and watch how fast the glitter runs away from it. This mirrors what germs do when we wash our hands with soap.

2. Arts & Crafts (custom paint by numbers)

Creativity expressed through arts and crafts is another activity you can do at home. Arts and crafts are a fun way to express yourself in any way you see fit. You can even make people their own original gift through the fun and expression you create!

Another fun example of an arts and crafts project is a custom paint by number art kit. You can either find a template of a painting by an artist you like or make your canvas from a picture so you can turn your most cherished memories into a beautiful work of art created by you! When you order a custom art kit, it already includes everything you need to personalize that heartfelt moment you can’t get enough off.

3. Drive-in movies

If the global pandemic has kept you indoors; and missing the outside activities you normally go to, a drive-in movie night could help with that. You can arrange the experience right in your backyard and invite friends over. You are socially distancing by being inside your car, but you all get to be together too! As long as the weather and the sun permit the comfort of a good time, you do not need much.

Keep in mind to supply appropriate food for the weather (e.g., refreshing beverages for the warm weather and warm foods for the cold). If you can’t be bothered to organize it yourself, maybe find one in your neighborhood! Just make sure it’s safe.

4. Go on a Virtual Museum

Another thing that you may have missed during this pandemic is visiting museums. Fortunately, some of the most famous museums around the world offer virtual tours. This opportunity allows people to experience places they might not have had access to originally.

From the Van Gogh museum to the Guggenheim in New York City, there has been broader access than there has ever been. New York’s Metropolitan Opera offers online shows every night. The Musée d’Orsay in Paris offers online exhibits of paintings from French artists. These features can be fun for children who want to learn while staying at home too.

5. Play the listening game

If you are staying at home with other people, you can also play listening games. This creates positive interactions between you and others while working on your listening skills. Some listening games that can be played are drawing games, story games, and trivia games. Drawing games can involve instructing people to draw something and seeing how accurate the drawing is.

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Story games can involve having people add a noun or sentence to an ongoing story that circulates the room. Trivia games can include telling a story and having people answer questions about the story. There are many games based on listening that can be played at home.

6. Organize your own dancing contest

Another fun thing to do to pass the time while at home is dancing contests. You can even utilize video calling systems to have more people join the contest. You can organize who will be the judges and who will be the contestants. At the same time, the duration of the dance, the type of dance, and the judging criteria can be collectively agreed upon.

The kind of dance can span from freestyle to ballroom. The type of criteria can be as general or as specific as people want. There can be an assortment of prizes for the winner too. Whichever way you choose to organize it, what matters most is that everyone has fun!

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