A New Twist on the Old Necktie – DIY

A new twist on the old necktieThis unique repurposed necktie is a trendy collar which will give you a chic allure. It can be achieved here or you can make a new twist on the old necktie following a few steps inspired by StyleByAna.  Enjoy!

You will need:

1. A Necktie;
2. Fashion Pins;
3. Sewing Thread and Needle;
4. Iron-On Velcro;
5. Pearls.

Steps to do it yourself:

1. Pleat and pin the necktie depending on how big or small you’d like the tip of it to be.
2. Custom Fit It. To get a great custom fit, just put it around your neck and see how it fits. Make or remove pleats until you’re satisfied.
3. Sew, Iron and Sew Again. Choose a color thread that best matches the color or pattern of the tie. Start sewing at the machine. You will probably need to use a size 18 needle, which is usually used for sewing jeans. After that, knot the threads at the two ends and cut any thread surplus. Now you can iron-on the Velcro on the back of the tie. Start the creativity procedure and ”decorate” your tie with buttons, flowers or pearls. And Voila!

A new twist on the old necktie 1

A new twist on the old necktie 3
A new twist on the old necktie 2

A new twist on the old necktie 4Photo courtesy: instructables.

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  1. Es extraordinaria esta idea, sabia q un día se podría utilizar las viejas (bueno no tan viejas) corbatas.
    Gracias por compartir su creatividad, que Jehva le bendiga cada día más.

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