7 Dangerous Daily Habits That are Aging Your Skin

7 Dangerous Daily Habbits That are Aging Your Skin

We all have small daily habits that are extremely unhealthy and damaging for us and we tend to do some of them without even realizing it. As you know, our face is a mirror for the health of our body so it will show what problems and challenges we face. If you want to stop harming yourself and you want to stop the aging process of your skin you might want to look at the list below and see if you have any of these habits:

1. Smoking
Extremely harmful, smoke damages your organs, especially the largest one from all: your skin. Studies made on this subject concluded that smoking not only ages, but cuts of 10 years of a woman’s life. Every time you smoke a cigar you inhale toxins that will hit back on you over time.

2. Not using SPF
It’s not a taboo anymore that tanning ages the skin and you should avoid it. Nowadays SPF creams have become our number 1 alley in fighting extremely harmful ultraviolets. Protect your face and neck and don’t forget about other exposed areas like your hands.

3. Eating Sweets
Avoid diets rich in sugar. Researchers have found that proteins like collagen and elastin are damaged by your sweet tooth. Your skin loses its ability to be tight and full and wrinkles are appearing.

4. Not wearing Sunglasses
The eye area is very sensitive and by using sunglasses your are not only protecting your eyes but also the skin that is so prone to wrinkles. Repeated exposure without protection can cause skin cancer around the eyes, cataracts and even blindness.

5. Chewing Gum
Did you know that repeated chewing processes cause wrinkles around your mouth? Yes, physicians documented that. By this process the skin might lose its elasticity.

6. Sleeping patterns and positions
Sleeping in a certain position can cause you lines on your face and not only, that can become permanent in time. Most exposed areas are: chin, cheeks and the chest. You might start thinking about sleeping on your back to minimize the effects.

7. Stress
The worst habit of all is stress because it affects the entire body. It weakens the immune system and makes it more exposed to diseases and problems (yes, also skin problems).

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