Quick Tip on How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Quick Tip on How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Do you feel sometimes that your hair doesn’t look as thick as you would have wanted? If yes, you will love this quick and easy trick that will make you look like a diva. Sometimes, it also might happen that you dye your hair in a darker shade than your natural color, and when the hair starts to grow it creates a strange look that makes you feel you have less hair.

What is the solution?

Find an eyeshadow that is of the same color as your hair and dab it into your scalp exactly where you have a hair trail. It works wonders not only when you have your hair down, but also when you have it in a ponytail and you dab eyeshadow around your hairline. It’s very easy, and more than anything, it’s fast. That means, no more stress with trying to paint your roots to often or trying other methods to make your hair look thicker. Enjoy a full hair and more than anything an attitude of confidence thanks to this trick!

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