How to Choose the Right Hair Color

How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Changing your hair color can be easy and difficult in the same time, depending on what your actual shade is now. It is very easy to darken bright colors, but it is harder to lighten darker shades, especially if you had previously dyed your hair black. Black is a color that rarely goes out from your hair without some sort of damage. So, pick carefully and take in consideration these advices in choosing the right hair color for you.

Choose the right hair color by looking at:
1. The color of your skin:
– white skin: all shades of light blonde and medium blonde because dark color will make you pale and sometimes make you look ill;
– medium dark skin: all shades, here you can really pick whatever you want because your skin looks great with darker shades and doesn’t look funny with blonde shades;
– dark skin: shades of brown, red and black.
2. The color of your eyes: Usually you will take in consideration your skin color first, but for eyes, it looks better when the hair creates some sort of contrast with the actual color of your eyes and make them stand out.

– if you have natural hair almost every color will stick to it, it is very easy to lighten it and much easier to darken it;
– if you are a very light blonde, picking black might make it look greenish so be careful.;
– if you go from black to blonde with chemical lightening it might make it orange.

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  1. Thinking of dying my hair. It’s burgundy right now. I am fair skinned and have beown eyes. I have had my hair super blonde before and I looked sick. Had black and it looked great soo I’m not sure….

  2. Ive had grey her since i was a teen…colored for years. ..currently im a dark brown with carmel low lights…but im not satisfied. ..I have hazel eyes, fair skinned in the summer pale in the winter…what color is recommended to hide the grey, but matches my skin tone …Reddish in the past I had a lot of comments on…

    1. I’m 60 yrs old. My natural hair color is gray but mostly white. Used # 10 nice n easy for years until 2 months ago. I went strawberry blonde an I have never felt prettier, or looked younger. Got a bob haircut to my jaw line this week. Growing out from a pixie last year. Gonna keep it this color but let the bob get a touch longer. I have light skin and freckles that I let show now and blue eyes. I don’t care if anyone likes the new me. My husband and son and especially ME absolutely love it.

  3. I have more of a copper hair color, fair skin, and blue eyes, I want to put some highlights in preferably more natural looking.

  4. looking to see what all colors will look good i have blonde hair blue eyes the blonde is actually a light sandy blonde but would like to have different colors i am light skin

  5. Alek Wek has a cool undertone. So does beyonce. Neither one are warms. I mean its nice but it can be more diverse as black women can have all those colors.

  6. I have brown eyes and my hair is black but it has gray at the roots. My skin tone is dark. I’ve tried to color it but after a day or two the grays start coming back. What color would be best for my skin tone and keep the gray hairs from popping up so soon.

  7. HAve medium skin tone green eyes thinking to dye my hair darker but don’t know what color shade of brown any ideas

  8. I have tan skin dark brown eyes with jet black hair Im having to dye my hair so often whag color is best ao i do not have to color so often

  9. I have dark hair and blue eyes and I’m starting to to tan every day until the 16th of June and so I’m going to have a good tan because I tan easily! I also want lighter hair color any ideas!

  10. I am cool tone. My hair is platinum with red violet lowlights. Want to put some black lowlights m also, think that would look good? I have medium blue eyes. Had mahogany color once, might my eyes look great. Suggestions please?!

  11. My natural hair color is a medium blonde I have had my hair a caramel color as well as later shades of blonde and almost bleached out white on top. The underneath of my hair has always fluctuated with colors anywhere from burgundy Or black as well as purple hot pink for breast cancer awareness month or even burgundy for my football team. I am in my forties and I love to wear my hair like this been doing the peekaboo look for 12 years.

  12. My hair is natural dark. It took me a year to lighten it because it was very grey at roots. I would like to have more ash colour hair with high lights what would you surges please.

  13. I have yellow undertone skin with green eyes! Whats the best hair colors fit with me? I have Ash natural hair color but it’s fire red now! I am thinking to go darker wity shades of brownish red ?

  14. Hello, guys I really need your help.. I have light skin with cool or perhaps neutral tone. My hair color is natural dark brown with some red lights and eyebrows are natural black. Eyes are grue blue gray 🙄😀 I had black hair colors for years but sometimes I think it just covers me all(small head, thick hair) and when I go to blond it just wash out my face.. Does anybody knows what could I do?

  15. The blog is very interesting, but I am wondering if there is a personal response to each individual? (There doesn’t seem to be any replies.). Thanks.

  16. Hi I have very fair freckly skin, I have green eyes and my hair is currently bits of dark brown/red and black patches over the top of each other from poor home hair applications. Plz help

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