How To Make Ombre Hair At Home

Have you seen girls who have gorgeous ombre hairs and did you wonder how did they get to have it? Probably a specialized hair salon would easily do it for you, but what if you are tight on budget? You can learn and make ombre hair at home and it isn’t hard at all. If you are the bold type of person you can go for a colored ombre which you will see here how to make. The principles for a mono ombre hair are the same, just you have to skip the part where you add the colors. This type of colors look amazing on a blonde hair or anything like a light colored one.

How To Make Ombre Hair At Home (2)

What you will need:
– aluminium foils;
– comb;
– hair bleach;
– one clear gloss (for the bleach);
– some hair clips;
– a color brush;
– hair colors that you want ( in the tutorial are used the following: light blue, dark blue, light pink and dark pink).

1. The colors will be added at the ends of your hair so first thing you have to do is to brush your hair well and with the help of the hair clips separate it and only release hair strands one by one.
2. Take small pieces of foil, put each strand one by one on each paper foil and apply the bleach on it then seal and wrap the foil. This step will make your hair blonde so if you want that without the colors, after the time for the bleacher has expired just wash your hair and stop here. If not, go further with the coloring.
3. After you have washed the die out and dried your hair go back to taking again small strands of hair on a foil and add the colors. After you have let the colors sit as the instruction from the package of them says, wash hair again and dry it. Your colored ombre is ready!

How To Make Ombre Hair At Home

Photo courtesy: sparkleandlove.

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