How To Highlight And Contour The Chest And Neck Area

You have probably seen a lot of tutorials on how to contour and makeup your face for enhancing your facial features and we are sure you wouldn’t have thought that people use this technique also on their neck and chest area. It is mostly used by women to give an impression of bigger breasts, so if you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts and how your cleavage looks like, use this simple way to contour and highlight. Even if you have bigger breasts it is still nice to make them look bigger. We think that most women would love to have bigger breasts.

How To Highlight And Contour The Chest And Neck Area

What you will need:
– concealer palette with different shades and colors;
– blending brush.

1. You can prime your neck and chest area the same way you would do your face, this will make the makeup stay more on. If you don’t have a primer, just make sure that the area is well hydrated and moisturized and use any cream before.
2. You want to do this with your bra on, so don’t forget to put it on, then start contouring and highlighting.
3. Take the brush and start adding the dark and light colors by making a “V” between your breasts. You basically want to add the dark concealer to the areas where you want to make it look like there is a shade and this way more depth is created. Look in the picture to see the example.
4. Blend the colors together and you will be amazed what a change there it is. Your breasts will look much bigger and we are sure you will be very satisfied!

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