Awesome Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know


There are so many easy makeup tips and tricks that maybe you didn’t know that existed until now. Reduce stress and headaches when it comes to common makeup mistakes by applying these tips. They will make your life much easier and you will wonder how could you live without knowing them. From creating the perfect cat eye, thickening your lower lashes and how to have lipstick ready lips to how to make your eyes look bigger and how to make your eyeshadow pop, you will find the most important makeup tips here. Sometimes without even realizing we use some bad practices, so it is time to remove them.

How to apply concealer:

How to apply concealer

How to easily apply mascara on your lower lashes:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (11)

How to apply blush according to your face shape:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (8)

 How to easily apply eyeliner:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (15)

How to disguise under eyes bags:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (14)

Where to place highlights on your eyes:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (5)

 How to fix clumpy mascara:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (7)

How to prepare your lips for lipstick:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (9)

 How to apply eyeshadow according to eye shape:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (12)

How to make your eyes look bigger:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (10)

How to add definition to your eyes:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (4)

How to make your eyeshadow pop:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (1)

Lash curling secret for awesome lashes:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (3)

Lash curling tip for long lasting lashes:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (2)

How to match foundation with your skin tone:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (13)

Mascara applying trick:

15-Makeup-Tricks-You-NEED-to-Know (6) Photo courtesy:

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  1. It was pretty funny, from the thumbnail on tumblr it looked like every tip was going to use a spoon. This is a nice post, I like that you took the time to add the text to all the images to explain them better. Thanks for this 🙂

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