6 Effective Yoga Poses to Deal with Whiplash after a Car Accident

Whether you have been in a major accident with multiple bruises and damage or there has been a minor accident where two cars just bump into each other at a minor pace of let’s say 20 mph, whiplash remains static. Whiplash is a common accident injury that every individual across America has suffered from at least once in their whole life.

Whiplash is a simple injury that is prone to causing a lot of pain and have a negative impact on the everyday life of an individual. From general medication to a more complex route of therapy, people are always in search of finding the best method of getting rid of whiplash.

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Chiropractic care has been deemed as the most effective method of getting rid of whiplash and over the years, many people have benefitted from it. If you add some meditation exercises like the friendly old yoga along with your regular sessions at the chiropractor, you are bound to see effective results in a couple of days. Just make sure that you consult your accident doctor before adding yoga to your routine.

Yoga Poses Effective For Whiplash

There are six most effective yoga poses that help people break the cycle of intense pain and return to their normal work cycle. Let’s discuss these in detail:

Downward Facing Dog

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Indeed, a pose that allows you to stretch and add flexibility across your body. The downward-facing dog allows the muscles to flex and stretch. This can help bring the restricted range of motion back.

How to perform a downward-facing dog?

  • Get on all four;
  • Straighten the knees and elbows while raising the back;
  • Slowly bring the feet out and press them flat on the floor;
  • Make sure that the neck and spine are aligned to maintain the posture;
  • Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and slowly return to the initial pose;
  • Repeat for seven times.

Since you are suffering from whiplash, it might be a bit difficult for you to move your neck and check your posture. Just have someone around when you do this pose.

Wide Leg Forward Bend

This yoga pose helps you align the spine and make the muscles in your spine and cervical region much stronger. When you suffer from whiplash, the muscles in the neck deteriorate. This results in a restricted range of motion and constant pain in the neck.

How to perform wide leg forward bend?

  • Stand up straight and spread the feet four feet apart from each other;
  • Align the neck and spine to maintain a straight posture;
  • Lean forward while strictly clasping the hands behind the back;
  • Do not move the position of the neck;
  • Lean forward as much as your spinal flexibility allows;
  • Hold for five to ten seconds;
  • Perform ten repetitions.

Cat and Cow

The Cat and cow pose is known to add endurance, strength, and flexibility to your neck and spine. Yogis add this as a compulsory move in your everyday yoga routine and for whiplash, it is a great way to maintain the strength and regain lost flexibility.

How to perform cat and cow pose?

  • Get on your hands and knees while keeping them 12 inches apart from each other;
  • Arch the back downwards and at the same time look towards the roof;
  • Move the back upwards like an angry cat while you look down towards your thighs;
  • Make your movements flexible but don’t move your spine a lot;
  • Repeat this move slowly for ten times.

Child’s Pose

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The child’s pose lays immense focus on stretching the spine and neck muscles. The stretch is intense at times and people feel a great difference in their upper body and spine.

How to perform a child’s pose?

  • Fold your knees behind your body as you sit down on the yoga mat;
  • The feet should be at an aligned distance with the hips;
  • Raise your hands over the head in a prayers position;
  • Slowly lean forward keeping the neck intact;
  • Lay your upper body on the thighs and stretch the arms out to the floor;
  • Without changing the position, extend the neck;
  • Hold the position for at least 15 seconds and come back;
  • Repeat for seven times.

The Y Position

The Y pose allows you to feel your neck and spine simultaneously. The pose focuses on separating these parts of the body and ultimately enhancing their strength.

How to perform the Y pose?

  • Lay flat on your back on the mat;
  • Keep your arms in the middle between the sides and on top of the head;
  • Make a Y shape;
  • Gently stretch the neck and slowly turn the head from one side to the other;
  • Make ten repetitions.

Easy Neck Stretch

Once you are able to warm-up the muscles with above mentioned basic yoga moves, it will become much easier for you to stretch the neck from one side to the other. This is a basic pose and it can help you restore the restricted range of motion due to whiplash.

How to perform easy neck stretches?

  • Sit in a basic yoga pose and cross your legs;
  • Your feet should be together;
  • Place right hand on the left ear by bringing it over the head;
  • Pull the head towards the side;
  • Hold the stretch for five to seven seconds;
  • Perform the step in the same way for the other side.

If you feel any kind of discomfort while stretching your neck, you must consult your accident doctor immediately. However, maintaining a proper breathing pattern and keeping your muscles aligned with the spine will help you a lot.


Yoga along with chiropractic care can actually help you get your neck and spine in alignment after getting whiplash from a car accident. Any kind of accident that results in whiplash must be treated with professional and personal care. Even though these yoga poses can benefit your overall neck strength and help you maintain a strong posture even with whiplash, it is important that you seek professional assistance and guidance from medical experts first.

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