Must-Have Yoga Equipment for Home Practice

Practicing yoga from home is one of the easiest things to do. Unlike setting up a home weightlifting gym, you don’t need too much equipment to get started. In fact, you could start with nothing more than a mat on your living room floor!

However, if you want to feel really set in your own home practice, there are a few more essential items that can help bring the feel of a real yoga studio into your home. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have yoga equipment for home practice and to help you create your own perfect yoga space at home.

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1. Yoga mats

Yoga mats are designed to help you create your own space within the studio, whilst providing a non-slip, comfortable platform for working out. With a huge range of Australian yoga mats out there, it can be hard to know which to buy. Mats designed for home use will be thicker – for more comfort – and heavier, as you will not need to carry them around all that much.

Travel mats tend to be thinner and more lightweight for ease of travel, but as we’re looking for a home studio mat, it’s best to get something comfortable. They also come with a wide array of designs and stylish finishes so you’re bound to find something that suits the vibe of your new home practice space.

2. Audio/Video Setup

You may be surprised to see this second on our list of must-haves, but good audio and video setup is a real boost to a home yoga set-up. As a beginner, you’ll likely be following along to instructional videos online or taking remote classes, so a great screen is essential for this. This could be a laptop or TV, though a laptop may be more useful for taking classes online and interacting with an instructor.

Sound is also important. Whether it’s for following along to instruction or simply putting on your favorite relaxing yoga sounds. Think about what a professional studio looks and feels like, you can recreate a lot of this through some nice lighting and audio.

3. Blocks

Yoga blocks are small blocks, usually made from foam, that are designed to help you improve your yoga practice. They are a great aid for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Worried about overstretching when learning a new pose? Or maybe unsure about your balance on something a little more complicated? Blocks can be a great supporting aid in these moments.

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4. Straps

Yoga straps or slings are long fabric loops, similar in style to resistance bands, designed specifically for use with stretching and yoga. They are an excellent tool for the beginner and help with alignment and stability. These straps can help you get closer to reaching certain poses that you would not be able to achieve otherwise. They are cheap and simple pieces of equipment, so are a no-brainer for a home studio.

5. Clothing

Of course, yoga is best practiced in the most comfortable clothes. For your bottom half, you can’t go wrong with a couple of pairs of yoga pants. They are, as the name suggests, designed for maximum comfort, support, and flexibility whilst stretching out some yoga poses.

Yoga pants are suitable for guys and girls, but many guys choose shorts instead. If you choose shorts you’ll want something loose with a connected tight underneath, so as not to reveal anything whilst posing! Properly good quality pairs of shorts or pants can set you back a little but will likely last a very long time.

With tops, they again need to be quite form-fitting. A loose shirt will fall right over your head when doing certain poses, so something relatively tight is advised. Sports tops designed for yoga, working out, or running are good here, as they are often breathable and absorb sweat.

6. Candles or Diffusers

Finally, to really bring the yoga studio to life at home, we recommend some candles or diffusers. We know that these lovely scents can help improve relaxation and stress relief, as well as simply smelling incredible. So, bring the scent of the yoga studio home and get yourself some scented candles or oil diffusers, you may well find you relax into your practice more thanks to them.

As you can see, you don’t need a huge amount to bring a real-feel yoga studio into your spare room. A mat, a block or two, and a decent laptop are all the gear you need. Throw in some comfy clothes and a candle or two and you’re in yoga heaven!

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