A Guide to Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Picking out an engagement ring or buying diamonds, in general, is a significant life decision and often costs unfathomable amounts of money. Making sure you pick a diamond that you love is extremely important, and there are usually no “redos” when buying diamonds.

If you know you want a yellow ring but are unsure which kind or want to know what is within your budget, this guide is perfect for you. I will be going through the different characteristics of yellow diamonds, such as color intensity, cut, setting metals, durability, and cost, to help you find the very best ring in your budget.

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Yellow Diamond Scale

Typically yellow diamonds are graded on a linear scale, and the scale has six levels that receive their grades based on color intensity and tonality. The price of yellow diamonds varies significantly within the scale.

The scale is linear, so the more intense and toned the shade of yellow, the higher it ranks on the scale. Therefore the more expensive it is.

The six grades are:

⦁ Fancy Light;
⦁ Fancy Yellow;
⦁ Fancy Dark;
⦁ Fancy Deep;
⦁ Fancy Intense;
⦁ Fancy Vivid.

What to Look for in a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring.

The Best Stone Cuts for Yellow Engagement Rings

The cut of a diamond is a crucial part of picking out an engagement ring. With yellow diamonds, the ideal cuts are different than clear diamonds due to their different color and radiance.

The most common cut for a yellow diamond engagement ring is the “radiant cut.” A radiant cut has straight sides, beveled corners and is typically rectangular or square-shaped. This cut is known to take full advantage of the yellow properties within the diamond.

Another excellent option for a yellow diamond engagement ring is the “cushion cut.” It is similar to the radiant cut, except the corners are rounded off, hence the name. This cut is popular because it brings out a ton of brilliance in the diamond.

An extravagant and modern cut for a yellow diamond is an “oval cut”. Oval engagement rings create a beautiful, elongated look for brides. This cut is in an oval shape, similar to a radiant cut, but with rounded edges. This cut is popular due to its modern and chic design.

There are many ways to cut a diamond, but these are the cuts we would recommend when looking for a yellow diamond.

The Best Setting Metals for Yellow Engagment Rings

When choosing a setting metal for your yellow diamond engagement ring, it is essential to understand that the metal you choose will influence the appearance of the diamond.

Yellow gold is the most popular choice of setting metals. Yellow gold amplifies the shade of yellow on the diamond and looks stunning.

If you want to go a bit less flashy or save a little money, you can go white gold or platinum. These metals will give your diamond a bit of a lighter hue. However, they will make the diamond stand out more and save your budget a bit.

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How Durable are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are just as durable as any diamond. There is no difference or variety in the durability of diamonds as they have a rating of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means that you can feel safe knowing your engagement ring will withstand the test of time.

How Much will a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

The cost will depend on the factors listed above. Any yellow diamond can range from $1,000 to $10,000,000 based on cut, color, size, and the metal you choose. How high that price goes is up to you! If you want a 1.5ct, fancy yellow, radiant cut diamond, it can be yours for around $3,000. However, if you want a 3ct, fancy intense yellow cushion cut, it will run you around $15,000.

Where to Buy One?

Jewellery shops as Astteria London have a large selection of yellow diamond engagement rings anywhere from $3,000 to $120,000.

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