Going on a Vacation? Here is How Much Money You Should Take with You

If you are planning to go on a vacation, the most important thing you need to bring with you is not your camera, phone charger or snack. It is the money that you will need to spend to keep the fun alive. While planning for a trip, a lot of people only consider the cost of flight and hotel bookings and leave the rest on assumptions. It is important that you should plan for other miscellaneous expenditure as well. This will not only help you manage your money but will also improve your overall trip experience.

Calculating the estimated amount of money you will need can be a tricky task. Here is how you could figure it out:

1. Begin With the Known Expenses

A great way of managing your trip money is to list all your known expenses. First, start with the amount of money you will need for the flight ticket and hotel accommodation. Then list all the activities you will be doing during the vacation, i.e. visiting popular destinations, buying souvenirs and event participations. Also, don’t forget the money you will be spending on meals and tips. To move around in the city, you will need a cab as well, write down that as well.

2. Figure Out If You Will Be Able To Use Credit Cards

The amount of cash you will be bringing with you can also vary on how often you will be able to pay via debit or credit card. Every country has different facilities. In some areas, you will be more dependent on cards while in other places you will need cash all the time. So, whatever destination you choose figure out first if it is cash friendly or credit card friendly.

Don’t be solely reliant on credit cards because if you find yourself in a destination where everyone accepts cash, your cards will be useless. You might need help from a friend or a family member who can send money in person. But it is advised you plan well beforehand so you can avoid being in such a situation.

3. Keep Currency Exchange in Mind

If you are planning a trip out of the country, you will need to exchange the currency as well. Not only you need to calculate your expenditure according to that currency, but you will also need to acquire it. Most travel agents will recommend you to exchange currency before getting on the flight. Even though you can exchange on arrival as well, but you might feel tired after the flight and immediately exchanging currency might seem exhausting.

4. Keep Your Money Safe

While on vacation, you should take extra care of your money. You can use fanny packs and accessory belts, so it is always secure and in front of you. Always keep your wallet and money in front pockets and make sure that you are not taking it out too much in public. These small tips can save you from a lot of trouble.

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