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Many women falsely believe that it is next to impossible to find that perfect gift for the man in your life. It is sometimes tricky, but adding a bit of risk to the gift improves the chances that men will not try but love it. You need not go berserk with your imagination and uniqueness. It is a better idea to gift something that fulfills a need or an interest in a novel and innovative way.

One familiar gifting habit people have is not buying things they would buy for themselves. Instead, most of us try to choose a gift that will benefit and upgrade the lives of the people the gift is intended for.

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The festive season is nearing us every day, and this year’s Christmas, the utility is the great driving force that should determine our choice of gifts. Probably, you want to gift your man something he will likely need while he is at his desk or relaxing at the bar. And if you can’t find anything suitable, guys always love quality items they need in their everyday lives. The following shortlist of gift ideas should help you pick that perfect Christmas present for the man in your life:

1. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Turntables are the final addition to an audio system that ups the auditory ante. And when we are talking about turntables, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO must find a place in the discussion. It is an excellent gift for a person who likes to spin records.

The particular turntable model mentioned here is highly effective for absorbing vibrations thanks to its feet, specially designed for the purpose. It also boasts of RCA output plugs plated with gold. This is one good-looking turntable, thanks to its beautiful deck, and has a great sound as well, and it comes bundled with super durable cables also. The premium turntable model that the receiver will enjoy for the rest of his life.

2. Meat Cards

Does your man, like most red-blooded American males, savor the taste of beef? These meat cards are the perfect way to drive the message of a prosperous and delicious year ahead. The cards are jerky beef sheets that some are in the size of greeting cards.

The card’s message can be personalized, or you can choose one of the many standard messages. These messages are engraved using in-house lasers and a perfect edible greeting card that oozes tons of masculinity. Your husband will, in all probability, cherish the meat, considering it comes from you. Besides the holidays, the gifts are also suitable for birthdays or fun or just a humorous take on a thank you card.

3. Klipsch The Fives

If your husband or boyfriend is an out and out audiophile, then this is the best audio sensation you can gift him this Christmas. The Five speakers from Klipsch stand out by their versatile design. The speakers are of the active or powered variety. They feature Bluetooth support for digital devices besides offering Optical Audio and HDMI options if you want to connect them to a TV. It also supports phono in meaning that you can even connect it to turntables.

To add to its versatile usability, it connects to high-def media players thanks to its RCA jack. It sports USB connectivity and features a subwoofer, which means you will have that extra oomph of bass when you play music with this speaker.

Audiophiles who have used these speakers vouch for their sound quality and versatile connectivity options. The sound quality is indeed impressive, with clear and accurate reproduction of music while maintaining a solid balance. A must-have for the discerning lover of all things sonorous.

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4. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Considering that this is the post-COVID-19 era and that the threat of another lockdown looms on us, remote working is more of a necessity than an excellent option. And for such work, the Surface 3 laptop from Microsoft is one of the best options open to you. The computer serves the needs of not only professionals but students as well and even creatives. The laptop has various optional specs.

The base models feature a 13.5-inch touchscreen display and can run powerful apps effortlessly. According to the manufacturer, it can provide 11.5 hours of working usage on a single charge. The battery charges fast, and one can recharge it to 80% in just under an hour. The extraordinary battery life and modern design make it especially attractive for professional work. This premium laptop model is a worthwhile addition to your man’s work tools.

5. Braun Electric Razor

A razor is an essential part of most men’s daily use kits. Ane electric razors help you save on shaving time. Suppose you decide to gift your man the Series 9 model introduced in the recent past. In that case, it makes for a slick and waterproof shaving solution.

The model features five shaving elements working in tandem for a smooth shave at a far less number of strokes. It comes with two exceptionally thin OptiFoils, two titanium blades, and a skin guard that works to protect your skin. That translates to a far lesser number of cuts and nicks as you smoothly glide the device through your facial hair. 

Braun’s German researchers have specially developed the shaving razor. It is indeed one of the most advanced electric razors available in the market today. It delivers on its promise of a fast and effective shave with less skin tugging. You can charge it for an hour and get almost the same amount of shaving time. The set comes with the razor itself, a charging dock, storage case, and brushes to clean the device.

These are some of the best gift ideas we came across for the man of your life. You can take your pick from them as per your taste and the constraints of your budget. Your boyfriend or husband is sure to love them provided you choose the gift according to his preferences. Here’s hoping that the gifting season makes both of you glad!

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