Trick to Make Your Ponytail Look Longer

Having shorter hair does not give you many possibilities for hairstyles, but do not despair there are lots of tips and tricks that you can apply to fake a longer hair like this ponytail tutorial. Sometimes a longer ponytail just looks more classy and elegant compared to a short one, so you will find out how to make one from a very short hair. Not only it will look longer, but also fuller and the only things you need are 2 hair elastics.

Trick to Make Your Ponytail Look Longer

Directions: Comb your hair and if you can have some waves in it, it is better. Split your hair into two sections, one on the top of your head and one on the lover part. Gather the two sections with two different elastics as you can see in the picture. Tease the hair a little bit and hide the elastic from the bottom section with the hair from the upper part. Hairstyle done! Leave us a comment in the comments section below if you have a different trick for this!

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