Tips for Healthier Nails


Due to the cold season, we might notice our hands and feet are not in the best shape. The main thing you can do is to treat your nails no matter how the weather is. You might say that this takes a lot of time, and you don’t have such luxury, but we want to give you a few advices that will help:

1. When you use cleaning substances always wear gloves.

2. Only cut nails when necessary, and always file afterwards to prevent splitting.

3. Toenails should be square with slightly rounded corners, avoiding in growing toenails.

4. Never file nails after bath, always do it before bath.

5. Try to push back your cuticles as often as you get the occasion.

6. For removing ridges and add a little shine, buff your nails.

7. Use a nourishing base to improve strength and encourage growth.

8. Never skip base and top coat when painting nails, this way you will prevent staining and chipping.

9. Use moisturizing hand and feet cream every night.


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