7 Tips on How To Decorate Your Apartment for Better Rental While Away

Home decorating is supposed to reflect your personality and interests. However, this isn’t the case for property owners. While it is essential to make the property appealing to you, it must also appeal to potential renters. Property owners must get a few things right, like focus on durability to promote cost-effectiveness. Any improvements or decorations should be neutral enough to appeal to different people.

Here are a few tips to decorate your apartment for better rentals.

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1. Work With a Decorator

Consider hiring a decorator to do the job. A good property management company may help you find one. They will help you make the right decision depending on the renters you want to attract. Even though it is an extra expense, it enables you to keep renters happy.

Professional decorators give you peace of mind. You can leave the job to them and focus on other vital issues. Even though there are many ways to find decorators, the best one involves your property managers. They will find the right person for your needs and budget.

2. Flooring

When decorating an apartment, flooring is one of the most obvious places to start. While you may be tempted to fit lavish, bright-colored carpets, they aren’t a great idea. It will be impossible to attract renters in a few years when the carpet looks dirty and worn.

If you choose to get carpeting, pick darker colors that will retain their appeal for a long time. Consider getting great underlay instead of expensive carpets. They make your carpet look better and feel thicker.

Laminate is one of the best flooring options for hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. It looks great, is easy to clean, and lasts long. Always go for high-quality laminate as it will remain attractive for longer.

3. Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of any home, and your decorations must reflect this fact. You can give it a whole new look by simply replacing the work surfaces and cupboard doors. The best paint colors for your kitchen walls include relaxing grays and bright blues. A fresh coat of paint can make the kitchen look bigger and better.

When choosing appliances, focus on efficiency and avoid integrated options. They are not only more expensive to fix but also more challenging to fix. They may not appeal to most renters.

4. Walls

You may love bright pinks and yellows, but they shouldn’t go on your apartment walls. The best way to attract renters is by keeping your walls neutral and simple. Avoid complicated designs and go with grays, whites, and other neutral color schemes. If you have multiple rental properties, it would be smart to use the same paint brand and color for all of them. That way, you can have a few things to use in case you need touch-ups.

5. Wallpaper Vs. Paint

Most property owners prefer painting over applying wallpaper on their walls. The main reason is that touching up paint is much easier than replacing wallpaper. If there are marks or damaged areas on the wallpaper, they are likely to affect the entire wall. Even though wallpaper may look better, it requires more effort in maintenance than wallpaper.

6. Magnolia Is King

Love it or hate it, most people will agree that magnolia looks great as a backdrop for just about any décor style. It is very inoffensive and would look great on apartment walls. It gives renters the freedom to personalize their spaces as they please. Property owners that wish to give their renters some freedom should definitely consider it.

7. Bathrooms

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Give your apartment bathroom a fresh coat of paint and ensure that all fixtures match. Get rid of old and dull tiles and old light fixtures. Ensure that your color scheme is consistent with the rest of the house. Decorating your bathroom is all about finding the right accents and consistency.

Consider installing a shower over the bath instead of a shower tray. The trays are likely to leak and may be expensive to fix. Consider getting an electric shower. That way, your tenants can continue to enjoy a hot shower even when something is wrong with the boiler.

Decorating an apartment for rent falls somewhere between decorating a house to flip and a private home. The point is to make it attractive to different types of renters. Avoid personalization and keep things simple and neutral.

You don’t need to spend hours painting your walls, installing fixtures, and changing floors only to find out that your choices are unattractive to renters. Working with property management companies is a brilliant idea. They will help turn your blank canvas into something that renters appreciate.

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