What Makes Thread Lifts the Latest Beauty Trend

When it comes to beauty, women have always resorted to a myriad of techniques to enhance their appearance and maintain their youth. This is how plastic surgery has come to be this popular throughout the years all across the globe. The beautifying options are numerous, ranging from facelifts and liposuctions to nose jobs and enhancements.

However the industry keeps advancing and new procedures start taking all the limelight. One of these procedures is represented by thread lifts which seem to be gaining more and more ground. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this procedure so popular among women everywhere:

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1. What Are Thread Lifts?

A thread lift is a procedure that is meant to lift the skin with the help of temporary sutures. In this procedure, certain portions of the skin are simply stitched up instead of being removed as with the more classic skin lift procedure.

This type of procedure also activates the body’s natural healing response, by causing the body to redirect large quantities of collagen to the affected area. Having said this, the skin’s rejuvenation process is a gradual but certain one and thread lifts patients will certainly notice this improvement.

2. Why Are Thread Lifts Preferred?

Until not long ago, many people used to choose face lifts as their default plastic surgery intervention. However thread lifts do pose certain advantages that are more appealing to the patients that choose this type of procedure. One of them is the recovery time which adds up to a lot less than what is needed when undergoing a face lift.

Face lift patients typically tend to need a ride back home immediately after the procedure and will need assistance for the three days following the intervention. This means that childcare may also be impacted.

Thread lifts are made with local anesthesia which means that patients can easily drive themselves home afterwards and don’t need to take extra recovery days off from work. Thread lifts are also non-invasive procedures, with virtually no risk of scarring or bleeding. There is no needle incision and is ideal for both men and women over the age of 30.

Finally, thread lifts are also cheaper than face lifts, since they are much easier to perform. These are ultimately the reasons why so many patients have shifted from face lifts to the more advanced and more convenient thread lifts.

3. What to Expect When Having a Thread Lift?

Compared to a face lift, a thread lift will usually come with more subtle effects on the skin. This is because the skin is pulled back only a few millimeters which makes the after effect more natural and easier to integrate as part of your new look. This is why this type of intervention is best suited for people that only show moderate signs of skin laxity, instead of severe ones.

Face lifts are known to have long-lasting effects on the skin, spanning across an entire decade. This deep effect explains the reason why the procedure needs to be so invasive. However with thread lifts, you can expect the effects to last anywhere from one to three years.

4. Can You Combine Thread Lifts With Other Non-Invasive Procedures?

In short, the answer is yes. It’s precisely because they are this non-invasive that you can combine thread lifts with other non-surgical procedures in order to enhance your desired effects. Once the skin healed around the threads, you can easily pair the thread lift with procedures such as the ultherapy.

This procedure uses delicate pulses of ultrasound energy to heat up the connective tissue beneath your skin, which in turn stimulates collagen production. This procedure is safe enough to be applied to any area of the face or neck.

As you can see, thread lifts are considerably less invasive than other beautifying procedures and can be repeated once every several years. The recovery time is minimal, due to the local anesthetic that wears off quickly and the effects are smooth and natural. For those looking to enhance their youthful appearance without intervening too much in their body’s natural aging process, thread lifts may be the answer they are looking for.

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