The Double Waterfall French Braid Hairstyle – DIY

The Double Waterfall French Braid Hairstyle - DIY

Refined and elegant hairstyles are one of the best hairstyles and learning how to make them isn’t only interesting, but very useful as well! Check out the directions and find how to create an amazing double waterfall french braid hairstyle.

1. Start by making large curls. Gently, comb the waves with your fingers, then prepare for braiding.
2. The first waterfall braid starts just above the right ear, follows the arc along the head and ends behind the left ear. For braiding, select a piece of hair behind the right ear and divide it into three parts, as in the traditional French braid .
3. Move the left strand to the central one, then the right one over the middle strand.
4. Take a small amount of hair on top, add it to the edge strands and cross over the center strand.
5. Leave right strand free from the bottom, scroll to another strand in its place and cross over the center .
6. Continue braiding in the same manner. Work with the tension of the upper strands , enough to create the arc effect.
7. Once the braid reaches the back of the left ear, braid it a little down and secure with a rubber band.
8. Create a second waterfall braid a few inches below the first one. Use the same technique, but make tassels on top of the remaining free ” waterfall ” strands. When braiding reaches the left side, connect the two braidings into one regular.
9. Collect the hair in a ponytail and fix with a rubber band. Then place rubber bands along the ponytail, in several places.
10. Make holes in the middle of the sections and start tucking- flip the ponytail over, letting it go through the holes you have just created. Arrange and secure with bobby pins.

The Double Waterfall French Braid Hairstyle - DIY

Photo courtesy: hair-ok.

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