Style Your Hair Practical and Elegant

Style Your Hair Practical and Elegant

Long and healthy hair is a plus for those have it, but when the weather is hot, can be a real burden. This tutorial will help you to learn how to style your hair very practical and elegant at the same time. This hairstyle can be worn in any occasion even if it is about a chic casual look or an elegant evening attire.

Follow the steps below:

1. Stretch your hair and make a simple ponytail. Secure it with a hair elastic.
2. Bring your ponytail in front and fix another hair elastic in the right of your forehead.
3. Braid your rest of the ponytail in the classic style.
4. Use bobby pins to secure the unbraided part of the hair.
5. In this moment your braided tail hangs free at the back.
6. Pull the twine loops to give volume and a little messy look.
7. Roll the braid over the rest of the hair, and use bobby pins from place to place to fix it.
8. For a rebel aspect, let a few strands from the braided tail to hang over the forehead.

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