What You Don’t Know about Sleeping in Makeup

It’s been a long night. You just came back from a girl’s night with your besties, and the only thing you wanted to do right now is to sink your whole body in the bed. Never mind the shower; the heels were killing you and you have never felt so exhausted. But wait, you had to erase your makeup. You groaned inwardly. Is it really necessary?, you mumbled to yourself. After all, it’s only a one-time thing. You can always get back to your daily skin care routine the next day.

Before you decide that there’s no harm in sleeping with your makeup on, let’s see what you’re getting yourself into every time you decide you can just let the makeup sit on your face all night long.

Foto: Anna Pursglove for DailyMail UK
Foto: Anna Pursglove for DailyMail UK

1. Your facial skin doesn’t get to repair itself
Your skin is a hard-worker; protecting you all day long and repair itself all night long. Sleeping with your makeup causes your skin to work twice harder and half as effective. Love yourself, wipe off that makeup!

2. You damage your pores
If you’ve been blaming genetics for your clogged and huge pores, it’s time to re-inspect your skincare routine. Dr. Orentreich, a dermatologist, confirmed that makeup does stretch your pores and make it look bigger. Uh-oh.

3. Your skin will get dry
While makeup boosts your confidence and makes you look twice more attractive, it also absorbs the moisture out of your skin. Leaving it on your face all night long basically calls for trouble; plus dry skin prevents your skin care products to do its job. After washing your face, spare few seconds to apply moisturizer on your face to replace moisture lost during the day.

4. You let pollution gather onto your skin
Being exposed to pollution is something none of us can avoid. The moment you step out of your house, you’ve been constantly bombarded by nasty pollution that can damage your skin. Sunscreen and makeup products, unsurprisingly, is a magnet to these pollutions; so every time you skip night skincare routine, you’re keeping all-day’s worth of pollution on your skin.

5. You’re calling for acne breakouts
Let’s be frank, we all know this is bound to happen. Clogged pores, oily face, pollution, and bacteria-filled pillowcase are all bad for your skin; but what happens when they’re all combined? You do the math.

6. You age your skin
Truth is, your skin’s age isn’t always on the same age as your real age. With proper care, your skin can actually be younger, and vice versa. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to collagen breakdown, and thus you’re welcoming wrinkles earlier than you have to. Anna Pursglove, a writer for DailyMail UK conducted an experiment in which she didn’t remove her makeup for an entire month; even as she slept. The result? Experts confirmed Anna’s skin aged by 10 years within a month and caused her initially smooth skin turned cracked and red.

7. Your skin can be irritated
Like Anna, many suffer from irritated and parched skin after a night of makeup on. Your skin receives irritants all day long, and not removing your makeup basically locks all the irritants in your skin. Redness doesn’t look good, so make sure you wipe off everything before you face-plant your bed.

8. Your eye, eyelashes, and lips are in danger
Removing eye and lip makeup can save you from eye irritation and infection, dry lips, and shedding eyelashes. On top of it, tiny hair follicles on your eyelashes can be clogged if you skip night skincare routine; causing small bumps to form. Needless to say, it’s painful and can be avoided if you just spend few more minutes to clean it thoroughly. Leaving your lip makeup all night long is also another recipe for trouble, so instead of lipstick apply lip balm before bed instead.

The conclusion? Do your skin a small favor and go to bed with a clean, makeup-free face. Your skin will thank you later.

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