Why (and Why Not) Shaving Your Beard is a Good Idea

Shaving your beard sounds like a massive step to take, and no wonder, it can be quite intimidating to even consider doing that – especially if you, and those around you, are used to seeing you with beard. And if you, at one point, had to take quite some time to grow the beard, shaving your beard sounds like something you definitely not want to do.

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So if you’ve been stuck with the question, should I or should I not shave my beard, we have the list on why you should…or should not.


1. Job interview

We know; we understand that your beard doesn’t necessarily mean you are not neat or you’re in a gang – but your first impression can highly be affected by your facial hair. So, just to be safe, make sure that you go to job interviews with shaved beard.

One thing you can do, check LinkedIn profiles of those working in a company you’re interviewing for – and see if they are clean-shave or bearded. If they do have facial hair, then maybe it’s tolerable to go without shaving your entire beard off. But again, just shave if you’re unsure.

2. Court appearance or legal pictures

We do hope you’re not going to the court because of a major offense. But if you do, or if you had to serve as a jury, going to the court with beard is perhaps not the best idea. When taking ID pictures or passport pictures, it’s best to show up with trimmed, thin facial hair than beard that will make you unrecognizable. Remember, this can cause you problems in the future.

3. Date

Again, first impression matters. Sure, not everyone you’re dating would mind you having beard, but if the other party finds it so-so, maybe it’s time to show that you’re considerate of their feelings. Also, if you’re going on a first date, your beard might be more of a liability rather than a plus point – but only if it’s not neat or weird-looking.

4. Patchy beard

Growing beard is not for everyone – in fact, you could end up with patchy beard which in all honesty, is not a good look at all. So you can either wait, use hair-growth oil, or just you know, shave it all off and start anew!

5. Special events

This includes funeral or wedding. There’s no textbook answer to whether you should go facial hair-free when going to a funeral or when you’re getting married. Still, it’s best to fol low the custom of where you live, and of course, your partner’s opinion.

Consideration, flexibility, and politeness go a long way – and just because it’s your beard, it doesn’t mean that you should insist on your right to choose what you want to do about it.

6. Charity

It’s a special case, and so, nobody can force you to shave it off for this reason. Still, it’s a good idea to consider doing it for a good cause.


1. Appearance

Good news! Do you know that your beard can make you look more attractive and obviously, more masculine? Interestingly, too, some people look better when they have beard compared to when they don’t. Having beard would also set you apart from many others and thus, it attracts more attention.

2. Confidence

Beard also has something to do with your confidence. Many who have beard are complimented about their beard and since it affects your appearance, it’d also boost your confidence. Men with beard are also considered to be reliable and protective by women.

3. Biological

Beard can be quite a handful to be taken care of, but they’re there for a reason. Beard can keep you warm especially during the winter, protect you from the sun during summer, keep your skin moisturized, and interestingly, help you avoid airway diseases like asthma.

No, we are not making things up! It’s actually based on a scientific research, which explains how your beard acts as an additional filter for your lungs. On the contrary, shaving can cause you to experience razor rash, acne, and ingrown hairs. So, stay healthy and stay away from the razor!

4. Time

Shaving wastes your time – let’s be real about this. And hello, we are all living a busy life!

5. Just because

Well, what better reason do we have? If keeping your beard makes you happy, you don’t have to shave it off. Again, situation between each individuals can be different, and thus, keeping or shaving facial hair can be a very personal decision. Still, if you feel like doing it, you can always keep your beard, or shave it then grow it back!

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