Lace Dress Made of a T-shirt Top – DIY

Turn a basic clothing item into an amazingly beautiful dress by using our  lace dress tutorial. It is a makeover that you will definitely have to try and you won’t need more than a few minutes to create it. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on the materials you will use as they are cheap and easy to find.

You will need:
– a black corset;
– black lace;
– long ribbon;
– sewing kit and scissors.


1. First, you have to cut the lace in the desired model for the neck of the dress.

2. Follow the steps from the pictures and understand that you will have to sew the lace to your corset in a way that it’s unnoticeable from the exterior part of the dress.

3.With the help of a safety pin you fix the ribbon to the neck area and you are ready to enjoy an elegant look!

You can wear a tulle skirt in this combination of styles.

Seductive Dress Made of T-shirt Top - DIY

Photo courtesy: fashiondivadesign.

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