The 3 Reasons You Should Switch To Natural Soap

We are bombarded with so many choices these days that it can simply be overwhelming. And unfortunately, many of these choices are simply bad for us. It would take a full time research team to help us make the healthy choice.

When it comes to beauty products, this is especially true. Even something as simple as soap is hard to understand. With so many chemicals that are hard to pronounce, people are starting to make their own soap to avoid them.

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Which is why you should be using natural soaps to protect your skin and your health. From goat milk bar soap to olive oil based products, there is a wealth of natural soaps out there. What other reasons are there for using natural soap? In this article, we will go over the benefits.

1 – Glycerin

Glycerin is an ingredient in many beauty products for its moisturizing properties. The problem with many soaps is that the glycerin is removed to use in those other beauty products like anti aging creams.

Natural soaps leave the glycerin so you can have much more hydrated skin just by using it to wash up. Glycerin is a humectant which means that it pulls water into the skin. Any moisture in the air will end up in your skin as the day goes on thanks to the glycerin present in the soap.

Glycerin is so effective that it even protects against skin irritants. For instance if you got too much sun then this is a good soap to use as it will soothe the discomfort from a light sunburn. It also can help your small wounds to heal faster.

2 – Exfoliate naturally

We love those soaps and gels with microbeads because they are so effective at exfoliating. They rub away the dead skin cells and leave the new skin exposed which is soft, supple and ready to absorb your skin care products more readily.

The problem with those beads is how harmful they actually are. Made of plastic, they are so small that they are impossible to filter out of the water and end up in our waterways. With how much microplastic in the oceans and rivers, it is not a good idea to add more.

There are many natural abrasives that work just as well as microbeads that are found in natural soaps. Charcoal is a good one as it does everything that microbeads do and is not at all harmful for your skin or the environment.

3 – It’s long lasting

When you use a bar of cold process soap, it lasts a very long time. The process removes almost all of the water in the soap so it is very concentrated and durable. These soaps last much longer than a shower gel and even other bar soaps. This makes them a great value even though they usually cost more money.

As long as you keep them out of the water when your shower or bath is done then they will last. And a little goes a long way.

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