Looking for a Change? Reasons You Should Just Cut Your Hair

When life gets mundane and you can’t help but feel like you need to break your routine somehow, getting a haircut is a thought that often pops up. Does the thought scare you a bit? You’re not the only one. Having long, straight hair is a safe option for, basically, everyone. Easy to maintain and suitable for any occasion, having long hair seems to be the best option for you. But when boredom strikes and you’re looking for something new, perhaps your hairstyle, why don’t you try breaking out of your shell and step outside your comfort zone?

Still hesitant? We have compiled several reasons why getting a haircut isn’t as scary as you thought; maybe it’s the push you need.

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1. Your hair will grow back (healthier, even!)
Shorter hairstyle isn’t a lifelong commitment, and although we know you’re very much aware of this fact; sometime it slips your mind. Long hair also tends to have these frizzy, thin strands at the ends. Once you cut it off, there’s a good chance you’ll have a better-looking, healthier hair! As a start, you can try an asymmetrical bob haircut. This gives you the chance to decide if you’d like to go shorter or not. If you honestly feel your short hair doesn’t suit you, you can always use hair growth products or even get yourself a wig!

2. The feeling you get? Priceless!
Cutting your hair short is a refreshing, exhilarating experience you can’t get enough of. And this comes from someone who has cut her hair short several times throughout the years. Trust me, it’s a great feeling; but you have to get a taste of it yourself.

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3. You might like it better
Who knows? Even though you may not like your new hairstyle right away, give yourself a week. If two weeks have passed and you still can’t love your hair, a visit to your hairdresser may be necessary. Ask them if there’s any possible fix they can work on. But, first of all, let yourself get used to the new hairstyle.

4. You, as a person, don’t change.
Cutting your hair short doesn’t mean you sign up for a reborn-as-a-new-person program. Your hair isn’t who you are, and you shouldn’t be too concerned about what others think about your new hair. It’s yours, not theirs. Even if your partner isn’t very fond of your new hairstyle, it doesn’t change who you are and thus, how they feel about you shouldn’t change.

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5. You can try out new styling
New hairstyle means new styling you can experiment on. Be confident! If you’re unsure how to work your new hair, try asking for help. Friends or hair stylists would be able to provide help.
Bottom line is, you would still look great and sexy even with shorter hair. There’s no such thing as the absolute beauty standard. You do you, girl!

Anyway, if you cut your hair and regret it, there are ingenious ways to solve the problem:

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