Quick Tip On How To Minimize a Breakout

Breakouts appear when you least need them or when you can least handle them! Usually, when there is a big event coming that you have waited maybe all year, a very “nice” breakout wants to join you to make your evening much more “beautiful”. That is actually a nightmare! Ok, lets say a breakout appears on your body, it is fine as long as it is not on your face, but breakouts love to appear there, especially on areas where people look the most like lips area or nose area. Grr! Forget about this scenario as we have for you a quick tip you can use in order to minimize the breakout when it appears, so it is not ruining your night, or worse, your date! This trick is so simple!

Quick Tip On How To Minimize a Breakout

What you will need:
– un-coated Ibuprofen;
– a few drops of water;
– a small container.

1. Put the Ibuprofen pills in the container and put a few drops of water over them until you will see they start to tear apart and you get a thick paste. Don’t put too much water, you want the paste to be as thick as possible, you don’t want it to leak, it has to stay on the breakout!
2. With your fingers, apply the paste on your breakout or breakouts (if there are more!) and wait to see what happens!
3. Leave the paste on for 10-15 minutes then rinse and you will be amazed by the results. Ibuprofen has the property to calm down the skin area and reduce the redness massively.
4. Say goodbye to nights with breakouts!

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