Organic Food: Are They Safer and Healthier?

Organic food has grown massively over the last decade, to the point that now it has millions of advocates. Organic food is, without a doubt, a safer and healthier alternative to the so-called natural food that you buy in your supermarket. We, on this page, will hope to explain why this is to you, as well as explaining what the many benefits of organic food consumption are.

If you know very little about organic food but are interested in incorporating it into your diet, then you have come to the right place.

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What is Organic Food?

Before we can discuss why organic food is safer and healthier for you than traditional store-bought food, let us first explain what organic food is.

Organic food is a term that relates to the process in which the food has been cultivated and processed; organic food is grown without the use of growth hormones and regulators, pesticides, additives, GMOs [genetic modification], and other chemical agents. The whole idea of organic food is to grow food and farm without the use of synthetic materials or genetically modified.

Organic Food and Sustainability

We live in an age where there is a growing concern about sustainability and the lack thereof. Most of the food that we eat is produced by unsustainable sources and is damaging the Earth.

Organic agriculture preserves the Earth’s natural resources, supports the health of the animals that are farmed [and their welfare], and avoids the use of synthetic chemicals and materials which can pollute soil and water and produce greenhouse gasses.

Organic food is farmed very strictly and is regularly checked by independent inspectors who check the soil of organic farms and ensure their product is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Animals born and raised on organic farms must receive no antibiotic treatment or hormones and must be given organically grown food [as well as being allowed to roam freely outside].

Because of their sustainability, they are much safer than non-organic food, which uses chemicals, additives, and synthetics to improve the look, taste, and feel of the produce. Sustainability is a driving factor in the call for more organic foods. Because of everything mentioned here, organic food is far safer than its non-organic counterpart.

The Benefit of Organic Food

Organic foods are suggested to have more nutrients than non-organic foods [although this is debated by some academics]. Whether or not there is validity to this, it is certainly true that organic foods have fewer pesticides than non-organic foods, and because of this, they are healthier and better for you.

While the levels of pesticides in non-organic foods are safe for consumption, some theorize that over time they can do you great harm. It is better to consume no [or as little as possible] pesticides than levels that are ‘safe for consumption’.

Facts About Organic Food

Now, with the question inarguably answered, let’s go over a few facts about organic food that you may not have previously known:

  • Cruelty-Free

Animals reared on organic farms are allowed to experience life. According to the organic specialists of Cleavers Organic, they are allowed to roam, are grass-fed, and are raised sustainably. The food that we eat must be given a good quality of life. Some have theorized that stress can actually affect the quality of the meat that you eat, too.

So, by these animals living healthy, organic, and stress-free lives, they will actually taste better. We should all be concerned about how the animals that we eat are raised, for they are raised and killed entirely for us.

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  • Taste

Organic food tastes better. You may think that anyone who loves organic food would be biased and would say that. However, scientific studies in the British Journal of Nutrition have suggested that in organic foods, you find higher levels of antioxidants, and it is these antioxidants that enhance the taste and aroma of the fruit and vegetables, which means organic food does taste better!

  • The Cost

It is no secret that organic food costs considerably more than non-organic food. This is because of the amount of labor and cost that goes into the production and cultivation of organic food. It is, however [if you can afford it], well worth it, for it is an investment in your health and the future of the planet.

Eating organically is a great way to live and you should now understand why.

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