Mistakes That You Might Do With Your Curling Iron

Curls are very romantic and a lot of women with very long hair love to wear them. They give a soft and girly look to the person and for sure are suitable for many occasions, from going out by day to wearing them on the big day when getting married. There are a lot of curl types depending on their size. Sometimes even the hair structure can make difficult to create a certain type of curl and this reduces the options for every woman. So, in order to enjoy beautiful and perfect curls you have to take in consideration more things and avoid making some mistakes. You will see a list here of mistakes you might do and this will make you aware of why some of your curls didn’t last.

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Mistakes you might do with your curling iron:
1. Not choosing the right size for your curls – small curls last longer, while big ones last less and within a few hours they look like beachy waves. Depending on the occasion you have to know what type of look you want to show off. Big curls can last more on thin and easy hair, while small curls can last less on heavy hair.
2. Taking too much hair to curl at once – you always have to section hair in smaller ones to be able to properly curl it. If you curl too much at once they won’t last long.
3. Use too much heat – it can literally burn it, always test and start making curls at a lower temperature and after you get used with the curler you will know what is the right temperature for your hair.
4. Curl in the wrong direction – when you make the curls in the right side of your head curl the strands towards the right, when you do it on the left curl towards the left.
5. Curl the hair when it is wet – when you are already curling the heat is already damaging, if you will apply the curling iron on wet hair will destroy it even more. Always dry the hair and then play with it.

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