Minion Costume – DIY

DIY Minion Costume

The minions are very quirky characters in the movie Despicable Me, the favorite film of a lot of people both children and adults. They are loyal workers of Gru, always willing to lend themselves to make a new experiment. The minions are characterized by small creatures, small in stature, with a suppository, yellow skin and have very large eyes. The minions have become one of the most popular costumes, whether for Halloween night party or a Carnaval. If you want to know how to make a Minion costume quickly and easily, follow the steps and the video below:

You will need:
– a yellow knitted hat;
– black elastic;
– a piece of cardboard;
– pipe cleaner (2-3 pieces);
– silver spray paint;
– some thread;
– a stapler;
– a pair of scissors.

Directions: Take the thread pipes and cut them into 5 to 9 cm long pieces that will be used as the hair of the Minion. Now pull these pieces through the top of your knitted hat. Take the cardboard and cut two stripes of 2-3 cm width, and roll these strips into two cylinders that will serve as eyeglasses. Fix the two rolls together with the stapler then paint them with the silver paint spray and leave to dry out. Take the elastic and fix it to one side of the glasses with the help of the stapler, then try the glasses on and fit the other side, take them off and fix the elastic with the staler. Don’t be affraid to share with us your disguise! Have fun!

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  1. Love the costume. I want to be a minion this year; we usually dress up at work I work at a dentist office. I love your video. Thanks for that. Cool idea for the glasses!

    1. I love the goggles!! Are you still giving them away? I think another fun idea for halloween would be Pebbles for The Flintstones! 😀

      And yes- this should be your costume this year!

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