Massimo Dutti NYC “The 689 5th Avenue” Collection

NYV-689-5th-avenue-massimo-dutti_3 If you are into high-fashion, the name Massimo Dutti may ring a bell. Even if you’re not, undoubtedly you have heard about this influential clothing line.

Massimo Dutti goes way back to 1985, an Italian-based clothes manufacturing company that first specializes in men clothing. 7 years later, in year 1992, women clothing collection was added and quickly became a huge success. Now in 2016, Massimo Dutti, founded by Armando Lasauca, has a name to live up to.

The brand certainly doesn’t disappoint, and this can be seen through an impressive collection titled “The 689 5th Avenue”. The collection was presented by English model David Gandy. His impressive height and build surely brings out the classic business attires and superior quality. Once you take a look at the collection, you can’t help but admire the suaveness of the clothes and the classic vibes it gives.

The collection isn’t just an eye candy; it certainly doesn’t lag behind when it comes to practicality. Two trench coats presented in the article are actually made of waterproof material, and will be handy on rainy days. You no longer have to worry about looking drenched when going to work!

Natural colors also domineer this collection; colors such as ivory, bone or beige. You won’t be able to find bright, pastel color, but the minimalistic design is surely eye-catching. The precise cutting and the indigo blue color allows you to combine your outfit with matching accessories, bags, or belts.

This gray woolen collection is surely not one to miss, and Massimo Dutti makes sure you know it as well. Regardless of your taste, the 689 5th Avenue Collection makes you look sharp and professional. The collection’s wide range of products can be matched even with a smooth white shirt, and still, your outfit will be a head-turning one.

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