Ideal Two-in-One Massage and Tanning Pillow

podillow-welcome-med One item you should include on your shopping list before summer starts is no other than tanning pillow,  PODillow that would be a perfect companion for beach outings.

Sure, we understand that going to the beach requires much more than your favorite swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses. Books, sun cream, tanning oil, phone, wallet, and MP-3 player are often considered beach essentials as well. However, as you may have experienced, it can often be difficult to soak up the sun and enjoy your vacation to the max when you have to care after your belongings. After all, you can’t entirely make sure your things are safe if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Podillow, however, made both things possible. The tanning pillow is more than just a comfy headrest; it also serves as an impenetrable storage space! Now, there’s a good reason behind the seemingly over-the-top description. Podillow’s storage pockets are actually beneath the soft and smooth foam base that you can lie on.

The pillow is also equipped with polystyrene micro beads and air channel that allows you to enjoy back tanning without having to be suffocated by hot air. The massage table concept is proven to relieve neck strain and providing comfort and ventilation for the face.The pillow is also effective for use even if you’re not vacationing, since it can ease some of the pain for those undergoing physical therapy, recovering from surgery, or for just simple relaxation. While lying on your back, the hole on the pillow can accommodate your ponytail or hairclip; so say bye-bye to headache and messy hair!

Podillow is definitely a must-have item for anyone of you who are planning a beach vacation.

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