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DIY-Make-Up-Storage - Copie

Women have tons of make-up and sometimes make-up can occupy a lot of space. Here is a lovely idea if you want to have all of your make-up in one place and if you are on a budget. This project will help you to repurpose some gift boxes or shoe boxes and turn them into an amazing make-up storage case.

You will need:
– 4 beauty boxes (or shoe boxes or any boxes you wish with the same size and shape).
– scissors;
– cute ribbon;
– hot glue gun.

Directions: Start by making the sides for the new drawers. So, take two lids and cut the longer parts of them. Take a box and cut its base off. Pick the longer sides that you cut and apply glue to attach them to the base of the box. Bring another lid and cut its short sides off and trim half of its longer sides. This part will make the backing of your drawers. Glue the backing to the first part of the drawer that you formed. Use one last lid to glue it on top of the new construction. Fit the other boxes inside the structure. These boxes will serve as drawers. Use ribbon to decorate the case. Attach it in the middle of the drawer or hide any rough edges or make some handles to open the pretty drawers. Enjoy!


Photo courtesy: peachfizzz.

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  1. Can u give more details on how to make the inside drawers nd those kinda ribbons. Nd wxcatlly how to glue It’s rlli great job u have done. I rlli like it.

    1. Yes, we really need more instruction. The drawers will not slide smoothly in and out without some sort of drawer guides. Thanks

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