3 Ways To Keep Living Green On The Go

Living a green lifestyle is a fantastic way to go, but how can you maintain that while traveling across the country, either on a road trip or a vacation? It’s important not to compromise on your values, especially when you’re leaving the comforts of home behind for a while.

In this article, we’ll cover three ways you can continue to minimize your carbon footprint on the go. You can travel with peace of mind and enjoy your travels knowing that the environment thanks you.

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1. Solar Panels

When traveling nowadays, power is essential. How can you cut back on your electricity usage while traveling? By using basic portable solar panels, you can harness natural energy and convert it for your use on the go. A carrying case makes it easy to transport the compact design of the solar panel, allowing you to take it with you as you travel.

Portable solar panels are more affordable and easier to set up than traditional solar panels that are fastened to the roof of your home. With a portable solar panel, you can easily access clean energy wherever you go. Research which model will be best for you, as you’ll want a durable one made with tempered glass to accompany you on your travels.

2. Reusable Bags and Containers

Packing is essential for traveling, and shopping is a necessity. However, you’ll come across countless plastic bags and throwaway containers that will build up in landfills across the country. When traveling, you’ll likely eat out at fast food diners or restaurants more often than not. While the food is delicious, how can you minimize the amount of plastic you put into the environment?

The danger of single use plastics can be reduced by using reusable tote bags and storing food in reusable containers like tupperware. Rather than purchasing cases of bottled water for the road, you can refill a thermos or water bottle to reduce plastic waste. You can also use tote bags to carry groceries and transport your belongings as you travel instead of using multiple single-use plastic bags. 

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3. Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Reducing fossil fuel emissions is a great way to help the environment when you travel. You can do so by using a hybrid vehicle, or enabling eco-friendly options while driving that will conserve fuel. Additionally, you can rent or purchase a vehicle for traveling that runs on alternative fuel, like electricity. 

The green quality of a car is determined by more than its fuel consumption, including things like the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the recyclability of the vehicle once its life expectancy has run out. Electric vehicles reduce the need for fossil fuels, and therefore emissions, while you drive. Generating clean energy is the goal when traveling, so that your trip is both good for you and the environment.

Other alternative fuel options are still being discovered, with some hinting at using gravity to power vehicles in the not so distant future. With these ideas in mind, you can definitely find ways to reduce your carbon footprint on the road and live your best life in harmony with the environment at large.


Maintaining your eco-friendly lifestyle while traveling is essential to keeping the environment at the forefront of your mind. Being able to carry that mindset with you on your vacations or road trips can help spread the word about how to reduce one’s carbon footprint, as well as illuminate new possibilities for you!

Take time to investigate the best ways to travel while preserving the environment, so you can travel worry-free!

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