How to Prevent Hair Loss And Ocular Wrinkles

Hair loss and ocular wrinkles are two of the most common problems women struggle with. A busy lifestyle associated with a bad diet and high amount of stress create imbalances in the body of women. Every imbalance inside and in the mind gets to have effects on our external body. Even if we can’t give off our jobs, not to mention kids (if we have some), there are ways we can help the body to feel and look better by a proper diet and some beauty tricks.


To prevent hair loss follow these tips:
1. Nourish follicles – if you are losing hair, a problem can be a deficit of vitamin A and B vitamins. This makes the hair dry and break from the follicles. Also zinc and proteins are very important in the diet because your hair is mostly composed of proteins. Eat foods with a lot of protein like eggs, beans, fish soy foods and other meat.
2. Eat linseed oil – because of the high alpha-linolenic acid composition in the oil, which is also omega 3. Take one tablespoon of oil every day.
3. Eat foods with iodine – like sushi, they strengthen the hair.
4. Eat natural herbs – like ginkgo, cayenne pepper and ginger that stimulate blood circulation that means that the blood circulation will be increased in the scalp area too and make hair grow.

To prevent ocular wrinkles use this awesome recipe:
Ingredients: one and a half tablespoons of jojoba oil, 3 drops of rose essential oil, 3 drops of incense oil and one ampule of vitamin E.
How to make and use: Mix all ingredients in a glass bottle and with your finger apply it to the area around your eyes that has wrinkles before you go to sleep. Be gentle to your eyes and body and you will enjoy them for a long period of time!

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