How to Prevent and Treat Bunions

A bunion is a deformity of the great toe characterized by a lateral deviation of it. People usually confuse it with bone growth, but it’s not that, it’s the bones that from wrong shoes or any abnormal pressure applied on the big side of the toe force them to get out from their normal position. If you feel you are starting to form bunions there are a few things you can do to prevent them and if you already have them you will found out here what you can do about them. You can see how a bunion looks, it looks like the leg is deformed, the area is swollen and you can’t use your legs normally because you feel pain.


Causes of bunions:
– wearing wrong shoes for long periods of time;
– inheritance of this foot type, so it might be genetic;
– any other foot injuries.

Prevention of bunions:
– rest your feet more and wear loose shoes (basically try to avoid pressure on them);
– do exercises (check out the videos below):

– when you start seeing that bunions are forming on your feet the things you can do is to try and prevent making them go worse and try to prevent pain;
– if the bunion is awful and it’s causing huge pain, surgery is required.
– wear comfortable shoes;
– use bunion pads, custom made supports, scotch tape them because all of these things help releasing pressure from the problem area;
– use some felt patches to stick to shoes to prevent rubbing them to the shoe.

Don’t forget that if you feel pain and your bunions look awful go and get professional advice and ask for special treatment!

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  1. I was searching for some techniques for my massage clients and simply practiced on one foot while I watched your video to see if it was useful. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a difference between my feet after just one round of stretches! Not only was the bone alignment straighter, but the foot was actually narrower. I don’t have pain, but it was clear that I need this work, and I will pass it on to my clients. Thank you!

  2. Mine were caused by years of wearing high heels in my 20’s. Wish heels could be outlawed to prevent the pain in others, still love the way they look but it’s agony having bunions.

    1. I have bunions on both feet. I have worn high heels for 30 years or more. But I inherited mine from my father
      And he never wore hight heels. So it isn’t always the case.

      1. so true, I had them and always wore good shoes that fit well. My podiatrist said they are definitely NOT caused by shoes because they are inherited. I remember my mother, aunts and grandmother all had them. It’s all about the DNA! I had surgery, all is good now.

  3. Thank you so very much. I had bunion surgery while in my 20’s. Then they reoccurred. It wa my chiropractor that said the bunions can be reversed. I never found out how, though. I am a big believer in exercise and PT. I will start your program and keep you updated on my progress.

    1. Suzie-how did the exercises and your treatment go for you…did the bunion get better
      i would like some insight..thanks kym

  4. I’m a professional Ballroom dancer, and have to teach/practice/compete in high heels day-in, day-out, and have developed a bunion. My first symptom was NOT REDNESS, but pain in the ball of my foot and my instep. I thought I had a stress fracture for a while, actually. These videos were really painful to watch–especially the first one–because he’s not a good speaker. That being said, there were some good exercises in there, just fast forward through his talking, lol! About the toe separators–there are actual toe stretchers that are sold, that are thicker than the little pedicure foam things, and they should really be worn for 15-20 minutes. There made of a gel/silicone type of material, so you can use them while in the bathtub, OR while watching tv. I found mine on I also use a bunion straightening device at night while I sleep.

    1. which type of bunion staighting device u use??can u send me the picture plz??..i hv also bunion in my left foot

  5. I wish I knew about these exercises when I was 10. I was told I had to wait until I was 40 to have surgery which was my “only” option.

  6. I force taught myself to fall asleep with pedicure toe spacers, cut in 1/2 so they only go between the big toe and the second toe (sometimes you can find them in a dollar store either 4 across or individual in a pack), and if they fall out when I am sleeping or I kick them out after a while, my feet feel so much better every day after doing this! Not that the pain is gone completely, but the bunion growth seems to have stopped or at least not getting worse! Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!

  7. Love Tipsy’s cameo! Thanks for these. Jane osteoarthritis in one big toe. Knew about the healing of circulation but these stretches are helpful and are easy to do when just relaxing.

  8. Before I saw your article on what causes bunions I had an agurment with my aunt telling her that bunions are caused by wearing tight shoes and she said bunions are caused by arthritis. Thank you for this article.

  9. I was a nurse and wore comfortable shoes most my life. I never had trouble with my feet until I developed CPPD (Calcium Phosphate Despository disorder). Another name for it is “Pseudo Gout” and it causes osteoarthritis — which works to destroy the joints in the feet. They always say this problem is from wearing the wrong shoes–but often it isn’t
    especially in older women. I will try the exercises to see if they work. If they do, I’ll report it to my orthopedic doctor.

  10. thank you so much – loved it. i have had bunion surgery but was looking for exercise and stretches to help my feet feel better and keep my bunions from coming back.

    1. My elderly aunt had hammer toes too — until she got dementia and forgot to wear shoes in the house. Walking barefoot gave her feet the exercise they needed and the toes started straightening out. If a person in the hospital is paralyzed, their limbs will draw up into a crippled posture because they don’t move them. Our bodies were made to move. Our toes and feet need exercise. Most people who are too poor to have shoes have beautiful feet. Think about it! Walk barefoot at home (no socks if possible to make toes work separately.) Walk on tip toes whenever you think about it: good for bunions, good for calves, good for feet. Do the foot stretches and exercises in the video. Good luck and happy walking to you.

  11. Love the exercises. Just started them. But I am excited because my PT sent this to me and I know, that she know what she is doing. And, I felt the speaker was thorough and didn’t go to fast. Thank you for that! And, Good Luck. Thanks so much Dr. Susie. for the referral to the page.

  12. I am afraid to get surgery and my feet are both painful from the hammer toes to bunions to callus on the balls of both feet….I am only 36 but I have 5 kids from 19 to 2…so I am always on my feet. How is the surgery recovery process? I don’t have anyone to help me while I recover..???

  13. Hi there! Question. My tiny toe has inner joint area broken. What can I do to help my toe from pulling outward?

  14. C. Perizzolo- if you have had 5 kids starting when you were 17, you must spend a lot of time on your back as well.

  15. I, too, have 3 children and work on my feet. I literally couldn’t stand to teach anymore so had to “work my way down” to 3-hour shifts on the sales floor and finally gave that up, too. I’ve seen what surgery does and how bunions can recur but it wasn’t until I took a 45 day challenge with a Foot Levellers* product that I had any relief. He explained that the medial arch along the ball of my foot was collapsed pushing the joint out of alignment so I wear personalized orthotic insoles and bunion supports overnight to correct it and I hope these exercises will also help.

  16. Here is a MY remedy and this WORKS. But it takes time (mine took 2 years). Firstly start taking d3 but never take it without taking K2 mk7. The k2( there’s 4 types) The k2 mk7 takes calcium away from blood and places it shouldn’t be + locks it in bones. You will notice that the bump on side of foot reduces and toe has more movement. Redness dissappears, toe locking when walking stops. This is how I avoided an op. Nothing works over night so if your hoping for a quick fix this is not for you. K2 mk7 also helps to prevent heart attacks due to plaque build up(caused by calcification of arteries)

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