How to Make Gorgeous Earrings – DIY

bead earrings If you’re looking for ways to kill some time while doing something that’s actually productive, we have good news. This article would help you creating these DIY gorgeous earrings, that aren’t just easy to make, but also look sophisticated. You can even find similar earrings at shopping malls or department stores; so you can save bucks while looking great!

Let us guide you through. First, you’d need beads (lots of them! You can shop for them online or visit craft stores), fishing thread (nylon), 2 hooks for hanging earrings in the ear (try finding the hypo-allergenic ones; in case you’re allergic to steel or any other materials), and of course, scissors or pliers.

Now that you have everything ready, let’s get started! If you’d like a visual guidance on the steps, you can watch the video below (if it’s on double coin knot earrings, but it helps).

These are the steps:
1. Cut 3 wires of fishing thread with a length of 30 cm.
2. Secure each thread at an extremity by making a small knot. Start making strings of beads by passing the free end of each wire through the beads then make little knots to keep the beads fixed.
3. When you obtain 3 strings of wires, make the braiding as you can see in the pictures.
4. Fix the ends together and attach a little hook.
5. Repeat the procedure for the other earring.

You can also choose either to use 2 or 3 strings on your earrings. It’s also possible to make necklaces using the same method by using thicker cords. Instead of using single-colored beads, you can also try using a variety of colored-beads for a more cheery look.

Some people also decide to forgo the beads and went with Chinese knotting cord for a simpler look. There are many different ways you can apply this technique, but they’re pretty much the same! Now, what are you waiting for? Grab the materials and start making your own DIY earrings! Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: kiss-of-creativity.

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    1. Hi! You will need some earring hooks. You can buy a cheap pair of earrings which have this kind of hooks and use them for the earrings above.

  1. Hi,I make Earring’s, I have ton’s of beads,but I need some new ideas,hope someone can help? Thank you,nettie

  2. these are the first earrings i want to make, what do you do with the end of the strings? How and with what kind of parts do u fix the ends together without them standing out or being visible?

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